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Keyword & Competitor Research

Doing strategic research on keywords and your competitors is what 99% of creators do wrong when first starting out.

Content Strategy Plan

Create 30+ videos and upload them to YouTube in order to gather data on exactly what your “Ideal Viewer” is looking for.

Too many times creators are uploading videos for the algorithm when it’s humans, real people that are clicking and watching your videos

Deep Data Analytics Dive

Analyzing the information that YouTube is providing you with in order to double down on what’s already proven to work on your channel.

The Process Of YouTube Automation:

Video Idea

Create Thumbnail

Write Script

Create Voiceover

Create Video

Upload To YouTube

Make Money

The Power Of YouTube Automation + Affiliate Marketing:

These are just a couple of examples of the affilate programs that I'm in....

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How To Start A YouTube Automation Channel [Under $200/ Month]

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I Spent $997 On a YouTube Automation Course

I saw an ad by an “online guru,” who told me that I could start a youtube automation channel and make $10,000 a month from my computer and that anyone could learn how to do it.

And this was, of course, pretty interesting.

I didn’t buy it right away because, like many of you, I needed to figure out how real this opportunity was.

The Most Underrated YouTube Automation Course

Are you new to YouTube and looking to expand your channel?

Or are you uploading videos but not getting the necessary views?

Then you probably need to catch up on something important.

Did you know that YouTube is the second most visited search engine after Google, with over a billion people using it daily?