Article Forge & Word Ai Review – 10x Content Creation

Content writers used to spend hours creating content.

Thanks to AI writing tools, you can now accelerate the speed of content creation by 10x.

You can do this by using Article Forge and Word AI, but how exactly would you use these tools together to accelerate your content creation?

Let’s find out together.

As its name suggests, Article Forge is an AI-Powered writing tool that produces zero-plagiarized and SEO-Optimized articles. This tool was invented by a team of researchers from MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Harvard in 2015.

It uses Artificial Intelligence and deep learning to obtain information from different websites on a given topic. Later, it analyzes the content and generates it in its own language. Article Forge can be used for creating long-form articles, making it a suitable tool for bloggers and content creators.

Business owners can also use it as it is flexible.

Article Forge Features:

Article Forge possesses a wide range of features that will help create your unique and relevant content.

The features include the ability to generate accurate and relevant titles for your articles within 60 seconds and use artificial intelligence and natural processing language to generate content.

It uses LSI keywords, ensuring your content isn’t off-topic and interesting to read. You have the option to insert internal and external links to your content. 

Additionally, you can choose one of the seven different languages available on the platform, including English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and Italian. It also has an excellent API that enables integration with all main SEO tools, such as SEO Autopilot, RangerX, Cyber SEO, SEnuke TNG, and GSA Search Engine Ranker.

The other integrations are WordAI integration and WordPress post scheduler, and both enable the rewriting of existing posts and publishing of scheduled content directly to a WordPress website, respectively.

Article Forge Pricing:

Article Forge offers a 5-days free trial. At the end of this trial, you will have to subscribe to their paid plan to continue using the software.

The standard plan is $27 per month for 40,000 words, non-plagiarized content, Bulk generation, API access, and automatic posting to a WordPress blog.

The unlimited plan is $57 per month for up to 250,000 words plus all standard plan features.

Article Forge is an AI article generator that allows you to produce high-quality articles of up to 1500 words based on a keyword you enter.

It has five article length options: very short, short, medium, long, and very long. You can add your subheadings or you can use the subheadings generated by the tool.

Some article length options allow you to add sub-keywords to help tailor the output generated. You can add additional settings to your content, such as videos and images.

Moreover, you can even post the content to your WordPress website. 

Word Ai:

Suppose you want an AI tool to rewrite certain parts of the generated content.

For this, you need to create an account with a separate rewriter named WordAI.

Using Article Forge to generate content, you can use WordAi to rewrite it to make it more unique and human-readable. Word Ai is an AI rewriter that uses advanced machine learning models to produce high-quality rewriting indistinguishable from human-written content.

Word Ai understands the meaning of each word and how they interact. So, it completely restructures it while optimizing uniqueness and readability.

Before Word Ai starts rewriting content, it checks the entire article to understand what it is about.

This allows WordAi to create advanced paragraph and document-level spins based on its great understanding of the content.

This feature makes your content look human written.

WordAi can be used by digital marketers, affiliate marketers, and bloggers.

Word Ai Features:

The features of WordAi include non-plagiarized content, fast turnaround time, and 1-1000 rewrites.

You also have control over your content and can adjust its creativity.

It supports bulk rewrite, API, HTML contents, and Bulk download. You can view and edit your content in HTML and rich text. With access to API, WordAi can be integrated into third-party tools such as WP Robot, WP RSS Aggregator, Ubot studio, Kontent Machine, Licorne AIO, GSA Ser Ranker, and Article Forge.

Interestingly, you can also integrate it with your tool or product by following the instructions on the API info page.

Now, let’s discuss how WordAi actually works.

The older version of WordAi had many options, and you could adjust spinning quality settings.

However, the newer version is simplified to enhance the rewriting process. In this new version, you have three spinning options.

These are more conservative, more adventurous, and regular.

The More conservative option is suitable if you want your content to be highly readable after spinning, but the versions generated by this option wouldn’t be so attractive.

The regular option enables unique versions of your content while maintaining a high level of readability.

This should be the best setting as it balances human readability and the uniqueness of the content.

The more adventurous setting will produce the most unique rewritten content, but the readability may suffer.

WordAi offers a 3-day free trial and two pricing plans.

The monthly pricing plans cost $57 per month and $27 per month.

Both plans offer the same benefits of Ai-powered rewriter, Human quality content, click rewriting, rewrite past Copyscape, sentence and phrase level rewriting, bulk article rewriting, and API access.

The custom plan also includes all standard features plus some bonuses.

The most interesting feature of the custom plan is the customized rewrites, an option to enable or disable some rewrite options.

There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if WordAi doesn’t meet your expectations, you can always get a refund without any strings attached. 

 There are several advantages of using WordAI as an Article rewriter.

Easy to use: 

One of the advantages of Wordai is that it is straightforward, which makes it easy to use. You have to copy your text from the source and then paste it onto the Wordai web interface.

It will rewrite the entire content. After rewriting the article, you can edit it or publish it on your site directly.

Multiple rewrites:

You can generate as much content as you want with WordAi. At the bottom of the rewrite page, choose the number of articles you want to rewrite.

In less than a minute, you will see the articles on different pages, and each article will be different from the other.

This is suitable for bloggers managing different websites.

Save articles: 

Another benefit of Wordai is that you can save your article on the platform. With the save option, you can come back to it later, and it also reduces the back-and-forth emails in case you want someone to edit it for you.

You have to send your log-in to the editor, and he can edit it from the tool.

Word Ai Pricing:

Free 3-day trial: 

You can test the tool before subscribing to it and there is no limit to the number of articles you can rewrite in the free trial.

It is a web interface: 

Word AI can be accessed from any device, laptop, MacBook, or smartphone.

Produces unique human-readable content: 

Unlike other content-spinning tools, Word AI generates unique human-readable content. Its artificial intelligence pays attention to the meaning of the content, not just the words or synonyms of the original content.

All tools have their drawbacks, and Word AI isn’t an exception.

Let’s now discuss some of the major disadvantages of the word AI.

No lifetime license:

While many other AI rewriters offer lifetime licenses, Word AI has only two plans; monthly and yearly.

Internet connection is required:

Word AI is browser-accessed software, so you will always require an internet connection to access it.


Spin Rewriter is another alternative to Wordai. Spin Rewriter is web-based article-spinning software founded in 2011 by Aaron Sustar of SmileyTech solutions.

It is currently one of the smartest content-spinning software, with several advanced features and functions.

It uses algorithms to restructure the article into a unique draft.

Spin Rewriter has undergone several changes since it was launched. The latest version was made in 2021 that includes A User-friendly interface and sixteen detailed tutorial videos for new users.

The ability to include photos and videos in content and Improved auto-capitalization of synonyms.

Also, there is the active-to-passive voice converter, and the official WordPress plugin lets users pick specific categories in advance and then spin and republish articles only in the chosen category.

You can now access the Spin Rewriter on mobile phones. The other features include API integrations and grammar and spell-check. 

Unlike WordAi, Spin rewriter offers lifetime access and a side-by-side comparison of original and spun content.

However, the spun contents of Spin Rewriter need a lot of editing, and you can only have a maximum of 4,000 words per rewrite.

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