Stop Writing Content Yourself, Use Article Forge Instead!

Writing is no longer stressful and time-consuming.

You don’t have to sit beside a computer for hours thinking of how to put your thoughts into words or spend a large sum to get content for your business.

The AI writing tools will help convert your imagination into written words at an affordable price.

One of the most renowned tools is the Article Forge, but is it worth the time and money?

Let’s find out.

Read until the end to determine whether Article Forge is better than Copy Ai

What Is Article Forge?

Article Forge is an AI-powered content generator that promises to produce plagiarism-free, SEO-optimized articles at the click of a button.

Founded by a team of MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Harvard researchers in 2015, Article Forge uses Artificial Intelligence and deep learning to research, analyze the content, and rewrite it in its language.

Previously, it could only generate a long-form article of 750 words, but its most recent update is designed to handle long-form articles up to 1,500 words.

It even can add subheadings to your content.

The users of Article Forge are business owners, digital marketers, freelance writers, and bloggers. They use the software to create blog content, social media, articles, and email sequences.

Article Forge includes a wide range of features that will help produce the relevant, unique content you need.

The features include generating accurate and relevant titles for your article within 60 seconds, inserting internal and external links to your content, and using artificial intelligence and natural processing language to produce content.

Also, it uses LSI keywords, ensuring your content isn’t off-topic and interesting to read. International keyword competition is lower and can open doors to new business.

Article Forge can produce content in seven different languages; English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, German, and French.

With this, you can have access to a lower-competition keyword sector.

It also has an excellent API that enables integration with all major SEO tools, such as SEO Autopilot, Cyber SEO, RangerX, GSA Search Engine Ranker, and SEnuke TNG.

Two other major integrations enable the option to rewrite existing posts and publish scheduled content directly to a WordPress website.

Both are WordAI integration and WordPress post scheduler.

Additionally, you can export completed articles in HTML, TXT, and PDF forms.

Article Forge Features

If you’re wondering about the cost of accessing all these features, say no more.

Article forge offers three different pricing plans and packages for you to choose from.

The Basic plan is $27 per month for up to 40,000 words, non-plagiarized content, API access, Bulk article generation, and automatic posting to WordPress blogs. A discount price of $13 is available when billed annually.

The standard plan is $57 per month for up to 250,000 words and all the basic plan features. Likewise, if you pay this annually, it is discounted by $27.

And the unlimited is $117 per month for 250,000+ words and all the basic plan features. A discount price of $57 is also offered to an annual payer.

They also offer a no-questions-asked refund based on your using their software for over ten articles.

If you aren’t satisfied with the outcome, you can request a refund of your money.

How Does Article Forge Work?

Article Forge produces copywriting works and articles using AI algorithms. After spinning the content, it obtains data from different sources and uses it for your writing work.

You can access the software by signing up for an Article Forge account on their official website on any browser.

As soon as you log into the site, you will see Try it free in the upper right corner.

You will be redirected to the pricing page when you click the button.

Then, choose the plan as per your need.

Meanwhile, you can check out the software by using the 5-day free trial. Log into the platform and select the New Article button from the dashboard to create a new article.

Enter your target keyword along with any sub-keywords into the software. By doing this, you have steered the software in the direction of the article you want it to produce.

You can define your target word count and other requirements at this stage. After configuring all settings, Click on the Create a new article button.

It will take about 60 seconds to create a unique article. After 60 seconds, your article is ready. You should click on the Click Here button to see the result.

You’ll be presented with a generated article you can copy, spin, or export in your preferred format.

For a bulk generation of articles, click on the Switch To Bulk Article Generator.

A pop-up dialogue box will appear where you have to enter the topics in a separate line along with five maximum sub-keywords. however, it will ignore sub-keywords that contain more than 50 words.

Once you input the keywords, all your articles will be placed in a queue for processing by the Bulk Generator. Once all articles have been generated, they will be stored in the My Article section.

This section will contain the articles you’ve generated in the past.

You can download, delete, or clone the article from there.

Article Forge can create an article in less than 60 seconds.

What I Like About Article Forge

There are several advantages of using Article Forge. Let us discuss a few of them.

Generate Articles at a click

The Article Forge software has been designed so that a novice who doesn’t know about spinning articles or the internet can use it.

The website is developed so that users can easily understand the functionalities of the tool and can use them for article generation purposes. 

Instant images, videos, and links.

Another advantage of Article Forge is its ability to add pictures, videos, and links to articles.

With a simple toggle button, the AI will find the images, videos, and links and add them to your content.

Direct post to WordPress blog 

You can connect your WordPress blog to your Article Forge and post your content directly from the software.

You can enable it to publish automatically or make them draft so you can make fact checks and edit them.

Produce various articles in a single niche. 

The software can produce a wide range of articles with different content.

This tool can do that if you want to get multiple contents for a single niche.

Enter the target keyword, and the tool will scan the web for similar content and present it after fine-tuning it. 

Easy to use 

The software is very easy to use. You don’t need to download or install it on your laptop or desktop; you can access it through the website.

This software is compatible with all devices and works on all operating systems.

Saves time and effort.

Overall, this software saves time and effort. Writing great content for websites requires time and effort.

We all have limited time, so Article Forge comes to the rescue by saving time and effort with its AI-powered writing ability.

Ability to choose article length.

Unlike other AI writing tools where you’re at the mercy of the software, Article Forge allows you to choose your preferred length of an article from its range of options.

WordPress post scheduling

Article Forge can schedule the posts to send to your WordPress website daily. This feature is the most effective on the unlimited plan, where you can have your article ready every day and not worry about word counts.

Meanwhile, if you are not satisfied with automatically sending AI-generated writings, the option to save it to a draft where you can fine-tune it is also available.

What I Dislike About Article Forge

Every PRO has a CON.

Although Article Forge offers some significant benefits for content creators, business owners, copywriters, and marketers, the software is still lacking in some areas.

Limited additional functions.

 The AI writing tool lacks additional functionality, such as writing ad copy and social media posts.

Irrelevance of content sometimes.

Sometimes, the content it generates is off-point, and you must regenerate it again.

Article Forge Vs Copy Ai

While you can use the Article Forge for an article of up to 1500 words, Copy AI is most suitable for short-form content.

Unlike Article Forge, which is based only on article generation, Copy AI can generate ad copy, sales copy, and other content in this specialty.

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