7 Best 80-Inch Tv’s You Need In Your Home [Buyers Guide]

There are a lot of great 80-inch TVs on the market, but finding the best one for you can be a challenge. With so many options to choose from, it’s important to know what features you’re looking for in a TV.

Do you want a smart TV with all the latest bells and whistles, or do you prefer a more basic model?

Once you’ve decided on the features you want, you can start narrowing down your options. With so many great 80-inch TVs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your home.

If you’re looking for an 80-inch TV that will give you the best possible picture quality, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will look at the best 80-inch TVs on the market and help you choose the right one for your needs. 

List Of The Best 80 Inch Tv's

  1. SAMSUNG Flat 82-Inch 4K 8 Series UHD Smart TV
  2. Sony 85 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X85K Series
  3. Sony 85 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X90K Series 
  4. LG 83-Inch Class OLED Evo C2 Series
  5. Samsung QN90B QLED
  6. LG 86-Inch Class UQ7590 Series
  7. SAMSUNG 86-Inch Class Crystal 4K UHD LED TU9010 Series

Now that we have recommended the above Tv’s:

Let’s examine their features closely.

SAMSUNG Flat 82-Inch 4K 8 Series UHD Smart TV:

Provides smooth motion for fast-paced action and improved image quality.

SAMSUNG 4K UHD comes with a powerful 4K UHD processor that optimizes your TV’s performance by upscaling every show, season, and scene with 4K picture quality. Millions of shades of color reveal a vibrant, lifelike picture that HDTV cannot create. 

A simple on-screen universal guide to finding streaming content and live TV shows, OneRemote to control all compatible devices, smart speaker expandability with Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, and more

Key Features:

  • 4K UHD TV with UHD 8 Series that displays better than HDTV Video
  • Motion rate is 240 (also the refresh rate for smooth motion and fast-paced action).
  • Dolby, Sound Output (RMS) of 20W, Speaker Type 2CH for excellent audio output
  • Support Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth.
  • Support 4 HDMI Connections, 2 USB, and Ethernet (LAN).
  • Controlling smart home devices is easier with OneRemote, a universal remote for Samsung Smart TV.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands.
  • Start streaming your favourite TV shows or movies on the big screen.


  • SAMSUNG Flat 82-Inch 4K 8 Series UHD Smart TV:​ $2, 500

What I Like/Dislike about SAMSUNG Flat 82-Inch 4K 8 Series UHD Smart TV:


  • Premium smart 4K UHD provides crystal-clear image quality, with a 4K UHD resolution and Samsung 4K UHD processor, you’ll get stunning picture quality. 
  • It is simple to use thanks to the quick-smart interface
  • All compatible devices are controlled by a single remote, the smart remote has the same functionality as other controllable devices like your smartphone.


  • Obtaining a stable connection may be difficult because the internet source is not always efficient.

Sony 85 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X85K Series:

The Sony X85K is suitable for HDR gaming.

Enhance your viewing experience with a breathtaking 4K picture for optimal detail and beautiful color.

Motion flow XR creates incredibly smooth motion images in both games and movies. Full-array LED delivers superior brightness, display quality, and energy efficiency so you can enjoy your favorite TV programs and movies in even greater detail. Its slim design helps make the TV fit seamlessly in any room or space, while its gorgeous frame adds refined style to any TV display space.

The two-tone, metallic design provides a premium look sure to turn heads. With this TV’s high 120-Hz refresh rate, you can enjoy smoother flow and transitions.

Key Features:

  • Over a billion accurate colors is reproduced by Triluminos Pro, resulting in natural and precise picture quality.
  • Google TVTM with Google Assistant organizes all your content in one location. Stream from your Apple device using AirPlay 2, it also enhances your gaming experience with PlayStation® 5 exclusive features. 
  • Gives you the advantage of high-performance gaming with HDMI 2.1’s 4K/120,4 VRR and 6 ALLM specifications.
  • Backlight dimming type: Frame Dimming, Backlight type: Direct LED, Display resolution (H x V, pixels) 3840 x 2160, Display Type: LCD with Picture processor of 4K HDR Processor X1 produces images with rich colors and detailed contrast with Intelligent TV processing technology, powered by the 4K HDR Processor X1TM
  • Supports Operating System of Android TV, Auto Calibration with CalMAN, and BUILT-IN MIC SWITCH, which makes it useable on another platform.    


  • Sony 85 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X85K Series:​ $1,998

What I Like/Dislike about Sony 85 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X85K Series: 


  • It has an amazing native contrast ratio with minimal blooming around bright objects and removes 24p judder from any source.
  • Great SDR peak brightness, reflections from moderate light sources aren’t distracting and no issues upscaling lower-resolution content.
  • The TV’s response time is impressive, and so is the refresh rate.


  • Lacks a local dimming feature and narrow viewing angle.
  • Tone mapping is off with brighter colors and no Free Sync support in gaming mode.

Sony 85 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X90K Series:

The Sony X90K is ideal for watching movies in dim lighting.

The Sony BRAVIA XR TVs are designed for immersive experiences with the environment in mind. Cognitive Processor XR enhances pictures in the same way as your eyes focus on real-life color and depth.

By precisely balancing the light output across the screen, dimming some areas, and boosting others, XR Contrast Booster adjusts brightness for higher peaks in glare and deeper blacks in shadow, making scenes look more real with extra depth and detail.

With XR 4K Upscaling, you’ll enjoy entertainment close to 4K quality, whatever the content or source.

Watching sports and fast-moving movies got much better with Cognitive Processor XR and XR Motion Clarity analyses motion across several frames to ensure action stays smooth, bright, and clear.

Key Features:

  • The Cognitive Processor XR understands how humans see to deliver intense contrast with deep blacks, high peak brightness, and natural colors.
  • Google TV with Google Assistant organizes your favorite content in one place. Stream from Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, HBO Max, Peacock, and many more. Also, stream from your Apple device with AirPlay 2 support.
  • Takes your gaming experience to the next level with input lag as low as 8.5ms and BRAVIA XR exclusive features for the PlayStation 5 – Auto HDR Tone Mapping & Auto Genre Picture Switch.
  • Rediscover everything you watch with billions of accurate colors and see impressive picture quality that is natural and beautiful, enhanced by XR Triluminos Pro.


  • Sony 85 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X90K Series: $2,183

What I Like/Dislike about Sony 85 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X90K Series


  • The excellent contrast ratio for deep blacks, SDR peak brightness, and user-friendly Google TV smart platform.
  • The local dimming is good; it removes any source’s 24p judder, plus no issues with upscaling lower-resolution content.
  • Quick response time for smooth motion with input lag and colors that look vivid and pop.


  • The TV provides limited viewing angles.

LG 83-Inch Class OLED Evo C2 Series:

The LG 83-Inch Class OLED Evo C2 Series is suitable for watching videos in a well-lit environment.

LG 83-Inch Class OLED Evo C2 Series is a great TV, but it doesn’t come cheap. The OLED technology has increased the picture quality, and the vivid colors on this model are the best.

The screen has a native resolution of 4K, which is perfect for watching movies on your TV. You can also enjoy watching sports and playing games effortlessly. It’s multipurpose.

Key Features: 

  • The TV features an OLED display which is fast and responsive to any input. Its refresh rate is 120Hz, meaning the picture will be on your display faster than ever. This model’s superior Resolution means you will enjoy a consistent image.
  • The C2 OLED offers 4K video input through HDMI, USB, and optical audio.
  • The TV features an Automatic image adjustment feature which ensures that your screen is clean and clear.


  • C2 OLED has a 4K display with a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The TV’s picture quality is among the best on the market. The picture is crisp and clear, thanks to its faster refresh rate, which makes a great addition to any home theater system. You will be impressed by how fast the picture changes and how responsive it is to commands from your remote or other devices coupled with TV HDR picture enhancements.
  • The supported internet services includes; Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney+ and more
  • Other features includes; Pixel Level Dimming; Intense Color; Billion Rich Colors; Cinema HDR; Google STADIA; NVIDIA GEFORCE NOW; Wide Viewing Angle; Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro; Room to Room Share.


  • LG 83-Inch Class OLED Evo C2 Series: $5,119

What I Like/Dislike about LG 83-Inch Class OLED Evo C2 Series: 


  • The C2 OLED has the best contrast ratio in the industry, the perfect blacks will make your movies look even more realistic.
  • The LG OLED is the best TV for watching movies and TV shows in 8K quality. This model can offer the most accurate representation of what you are watching to ensure you get the full detail of a scene.
  • The display technology offers excellent reflection handling. Even when the room is bright, you will get a clear picture from the screen.


  • The aggressive ambient light handling can lead to unwanted effects in dark scenes.
  • Some issues with uniformity, particularly at an angle

Samsung QN90B QLED:

The Samsung QN90B QLED has better viewing angles and is preferred for HDR gaming. 

This model features some of the latest technology. The QLED display offers awesome picture quality and viewing angles.

In a bright room, the Samsung QN90B is an excellent TV for watching TV shows. It has excellent peak brightness and reflection handling. It also has a wide viewing angle, so the image is accurate even when viewed from the side.

It provides a fantastic gaming experience. It has extremely low input lag, which ensures that your actions are in line with the action on-screen, plus a fast pixel response time, which results in a very little blur behind moving objects.

It supports HDMI 2.1 bandwidth on all four ports and is fully compatible with everything the Xbox Series X and PS5 offer, including variable refresh rate support.

Key Features: 

  • Screen Size is 85″, Resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 plus an Anti Reflection which makes it useful in playing video games, directly in front, in a controlled light environment. Usually fast games and TV shows in a bright living room. 
  • It has an engine neo quantum processor of 4K and a motion rate of 200. It has the color of the quantum dot, ultra viewing angle, and brightness/color detection.
  • Samsung smart TV, Operating system of Tizen (which enables the TV to support smartphones, tablets, and PC), google assistance is inbuilt, and a web browser for surfing the internet.
  • It has 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, one optical input, Ethernet (LAN), Bluetooth, and WI-FI.


  • Samsung QN90B QLED: $3,297

What I Like/Dislike about Samsung QN90B QLED: 


  • The image remains accurate at an angle and is bright enough to overcome glare in a bright room.
  • It has excellent contrast and an impressive local dimming feature, which will upscale lower-resolution content.
  • Faster and easier smart interface with a large selection of apps, as well as excellent peak brightness in HDR.
  • Rapid response time and extremely low input lag.


  • Doesn’t properly track the PQ EOTF; most scenes are brighter than they should be.
  • In ‘Game’ Mode, the peak brightness is lower, and the local dimming is worse.

LG 86-Inch Class UQ7590 Series:

The LG 86-Inch Class UQ7590 Series is perfect for gaming and displays images enhanced by AI from the a5 Gen 5 AI Processor 4K.

LG 86-Inch Class UQ7590 Series is designed for those who love to watch TV shows and movies. This TV has a powerful 4K Processor that converts your regular content into something more impressive.

Support for Dolby Atmos allows you to feel the sound, including overhead effects like helicopters and rain storms and voice clarity.

It’s designed to be slim and sleek with a minimal bezel, so they’ll match your space perfectly. Transforming your regular content into 4K for sharper definition and detail, even on our biggest screens.

Key Features:

  • Experience a lifelike picture with more depth and rich color thanks to our advanced a7 Gen5 AI Processor 4K that adjusts picture quality and sound quality to give you a fabulous experience no matter what you’re watching
  • Game Optimizer makes it the best gaming experience by quickly adjusting all your game settings in one location
  • Display Type is 4K UHD Display, Resolution- 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160). The backlight Type is Direct for perfect viewing.
  • AI Technology is a set of intelligence engines that can recognize over 2900 scenes and automatically customize them for a better experience.
  • Support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, smartphone connectivity, and TV Tuner ATSC for clear QAM


  • LG 86-Inch Class UQ7590 Series: $1,793

What I Like/Dislike about LG 86-Inch Class UQ7590 Series


  • No matter how bright or how dark your room is, you’ll experience just the right brightness with the AI Brightness Control that automatically adjusts your screen to match the room.
  • Use your voice with the Magic Remote to control your TV and connected devices with built-in support for Google Assistant.
  • Scene-by-scene picture adjustment to automatically adjust the quality of what you’re watching.


  • It cannot be used as a passive center channel, it can only be used as a small speaker.
  • You can only install a very select few apps, this makes it limited for usability.

SAMSUNG 86-Inch Class Crystal 4K UHD LED TU9010 Series:

Ideal for watching movies and displays them in thriving, breathtaking 4K resolution.

Provides you with every detail with stunning clarity. The powerful processor, specifically tuned for Crystal Displays, converts everything you watch to 4K.

Accessing a world of content and more with your voice. Schedule recordings, search, auto-adjust game settings, seamlessly connect with a host of compatible devices across your home, and control your TV with your voice, all with one easy-to-use remote.

Gaming gives you visibility even in dark scenes, with extra motion clarity, synchronized sound, and AMD FreeSync for reduced tearing and stuttering

Key Features:

  • Possesses a crystal processor 4k, this ultra-fast processor transforms everything you watch into stunning 4K.
  • Motion Rate 240 minimizes motion blur on the screen, so action-packed movies and sports stay smooth and crisp.
  • Go beyond Smart TV with next-gen apps, super easy control, and a host of enhancements that elevate the TV-watching experience.
  • Real Game Enhancer + is engineered to make the TV and the console work seamlessly together to reduce lag, tearing, and stuttering.
  • Experience crystal clear colors that are fine-tuned to deliver a naturally crisp and vivid picture.


  • SAMSUNG 86-Inch Class Crystal 4K UHD LED TU9010 Series: $1,547

What I Like/Dislike about the SAMSUNG 86-Inch Class Crystal 4K UHD LED TU9010 Series: 


  • Mirroring your phone on your TV with just a tap for movies, music, and apps on the bigger screen within seconds.
  • Allows simplified multitasking; split your TV screen in two, so you can watch movies on one side and mirror your mobile or tablet screen on the other.
  • Google Assistant; hands-free with Google Assistant for changing channels, adjusting the volume, controlling playback, and more, with just your voice.


  • Sometimes has a sporadic blurred view, this may be due to the light of the room.
  • Not much guidance on operations to achieve the ultimate viewing experience.


Using an 80 inches TV is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy high-definition videos and games at their best. It’s also great for those who love to watch movies and shows.

The models mentioned above come with many features such as smart TV, HDMI port, USB port, etc. You can use it as a center channel or a surround speaker.

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