7 Best Article Rewriter Tools You Need To Start Using Today

Even if you purchase an article rewriter tool, the tool’s content is of no use. Either this document passes the plagiarism test or sounds like a robot wrote it.

However, this is going to change shortly.

In this blog, I will list the top seven article rewriter software that is well-known for their ability to turn your content into great, catchy articles.

List of the 7 Best Article Rewriter Tools:

List of the 7 Best Article Rewriter Tools:

  1. Spin Rewriter
  2. The Best Spinner 4
  3. CleverSpinner
  4. WordAi
  5. Chimp Rewriter
  6. Spinner Chief 6
  7. Copy AI

Now that we have recommended the above 7 best article rewriter tools.

Let’s examine their features closely.

Spin Rewriter:

Suppose you don’t want to compromise with the meaning of your article or content after spinning it. In that case, you should definitely go with Spin Rewriter. It can generate engaging and human-like content.

 Spin Rewriter 11 is now available. In October 2021, the 12th update for the software was released with some new features and improvements. This software is packed with cutting-edge ENL technology that improves spun content quality exponentially.

 This means that because of the changes to the SEO algorithm, 150,000 users have had their content removed from Google search results. I have been using Spin Rewriter for a while now, and I absolutely love it! It is a great tool that I use to improve my content and make my articles more compelling. Trust me, and it’s that powerful and user-friendly.

Key Features:

  • Spin Rewriter uses natural language emulation to spin the content without losing its true meaning. The app first understands the context of the content and then creates a new sense for it based on that context.
  • Spin Rewriter can generate up to 1,000 variations of your original content in one go. Spin Rewriter can help with multiple levels of spinning.
  • This software allows you to spin multiple content items at the same time. You can either copy-paste ten articles or upload a .zip file with ten files of papers. This feature allows you to create large numbers of reports quickly and easily.
  • If you want to make your article more efficient or effective, Spin Rewriter can help you do just that. 

What I Like/Dislike about the Spin Rewriter:


  • There are many advanced technologies used in this tool, like ENL and AI
  • It is famous for being a high-quality content generator
  • There is also an option for bulk article generation
  • This tool has a WordPress 
  • plugins support
  • Stock Photos integrations make it more amazing
  • API access is also provided by this tool.


  • The Plan for a lifetime is expensive.

The Best Spinner 4:

The Best Spinner 4 is the fourth incarnation of the predecessor. This article spinner tool is now considered to be the best, and it has been refined to the point where it is very effective. The software is downloadable, supports on all Windows and Mac devices, and can be found online at a variety of sites. 

Additionally, TBS 4 offers an extensive library of 130,000 seed articles. Just like some other companies, this company has a similar business model. These seed articles can be helpful when you don’t have any original content and need to spin something. Currently, The Best Spinner 4 is close to satisfying 100,000 users. The article spinning tool is highly satisfied with its users’ satisfaction. 

Key Features:

  • Best Spinner 4 can spin content into 14 different global languages. Other articles can be rewritten to support multilingual article spinning. Still, TBS 4 is the article that has the potential to do this the best.
  • This article spinner tool can generate audio and mp3 files from any content with the help of its text-to-speech module. Again, there is no other software that provides this feature.
  • The tool enables you to find words that are similar to those you are looking for in the English Thesaurus. The software will be able to understand and use popular phrases worldwide.
  • With The Best Spinner 4, you can spin the content and publish it directly on your WordPress site. This direct publishing feature can help save much time and manual effort.

What I Like/Dislike about the The Best Spinner 4:


  • The Best Spinner 4 is extremely easy to use
  • There are fourteen languages from which you can translate
  • It features the cutting edge technology from text to speech
  • There are many PLR articles available
  • This tool can publish your article directly to your website
  • You can also compare the reports side by side.


  • Unfortunately, there is no free trial
  • There exist no monthly plans at all
  • The customer support is slightly slower.


The text seems intelligent enough to be written by someone who is familiar with English. Not just this, CleverSpinner is one of the cheapest and the simplest among the article rewriters mentioned in this blog. You must copy and paste the content, and you will get the spun content in a few seconds.

Key Features:

  • The software claims to be able to generate 100% unique content that will pass Copyscape’s duplicate content test.
  • If your original content is full of complicated sentences and phrases, CleverSpinner will simplify it for you.

What I Like/Dislike about the CleverSpinner:


  • This is the most straightforward article spinner I have ever seen
  • There is the support of native artificial intelligence
  • There is only a single pricing plan
  • The content provided by Clever Spinner is readable
  • It also features multiple spintax formats


  • The free trial is just for three days
  • It is recommended for 500 Word long article


WordAi is a tool that can generate quality content while being easy to use. WordAi users love its simple user interface and easy-to-use operability. Although being simple or easy to use doesn’t affect the efficiency of a tool, it does affect its overall effectiveness. 

To improve the quality of spun content, it is essential to ensure that the content is of high quality.

The WordAi team has released its latest 4th version, which is nearly 150 times faster and better than its previous 3rd version. The machine can spin more extensive articles quickly.

WordAi’s artificial intelligence technology can understand the meaning of words, concepts, and ideas from different contexts. Rewriting content is better because it leads to more effective marketing.

Key Features:

  • This article spinner software can create 1,000 articles in one upload. WordAi allows you to spin up to 1,000 pieces in a single attempt. In contrast, its competitor only allows up to 10 articles in bulk.
  • The software also includes a “Perfect Tense” tool that is known for its spell-checking and grammar-checking services. This makes the spun content much higher quality.
  • WordAi can now help you make your content more exciting and engaging. The software can automatically add relevant keywords to your new content, making it more search-engine friendly at the same time.

What I Like/Dislike about the WordAi:


  • One of the most advanced article spinners in the market is Word Ai
  • This tool lets you connect your Article Forge Account to import content from spinning
  • There is an option for bulk article spinning, like 10 to 1000 articles
  • Word Ai supports four languages
  • An API is also a good feature of Word Ai.


  • The free trial is only of three days
  • This tool is much more expensive than others.

Chimp Rewriter:

Do you need a desktop-based tool to rewrite articles? If you’re considering using a content rewriting service, you should definitely consider Chimp Rewriter. It is compatible with Microsoft and Mac (through a Windows emulator).

 The software that makes it famous is an excellent tool for rewriting and spinning articles. The app features advanced artificial intelligence and Emulated Natural Language technology that helps to improve the quality of content turned by the app. 

Chimp Rewriter has been successfully rewriting articles for over 31,000 SEO professionals. Suppose you’re looking for a content rewriter that can help you generate quality content quickly and easily. In that case, Chimp Rewriter may be a good option for you.

Key Features:

  • It employs Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology to analyze and spin content rapidly.
  • The tool can research articles from across the Web and then create a unique piece of content.
  • Chimp Rewriter also allows you to change the content into multiple languages that cater to your needs from different geographic locations.
  • This software can automatically add images and videos to your newly rewritten content.
  • Chimp Rewriter can be integrated with other applications, like WP Robot, RankWyz, and Ultimate Demon.

What I Like/Dislike about the Paymo:


  • Chimp Rewriter has 
  • user-friendly but professional interface
  • This tool has a feature to spin content in Jiffy
  • Multiple languages are supported in this tool
  • This tool can automatically include relevant pictures and videos in the article.
  • There is an extensive API for integrations
  • They also offer sixty days money-back guarantee.


  • The bad thing about Chimp Rewriter is that it is only compatible with Windows devices.
  • On a single account, you can only use two computers
  • The yearly Plan is pricy

Spinner Chief 6:

SpinnerChief 6 provides some of the most advanced features for spinning articles. Its writing skills are so powerful that the content generated after being turned seems to be written by an actual human.

 Spinner Chief 6 uses both natural language analysis and artificial intelligence to improve its results. The tool can help to understand the meaning of the original content before it is spun. And, not to leave out Spinner Chief 6, it can be used both online and offline. You can use Skype on any Windows or Mac device and any web browser.

Key Features:

  • This software can automatically add images and videos to your newly rewritten content.
  • Spinner Chief is a tool that supports many different languages. With Spinner Chief 6, you can easily create content in multiple languages.
  • The bulk article spinning feature is also available in this app. This way, you can spin many articles in a single attempt.
  • Spinner Chief 6 can produce quality content quickly and easily, whether it’s sentences or paragraphs. This feature adds more uniqueness to your newly generated article.
  • Like other article rewriter tools, Spinner Chief 6 also has a cloud-based Thesaurus that its users constantly update.

What I Like/Dislike about the Spinner Chief 6:


  • It offers both Web Based and Desktop based article spinning
  • There is a mixture of many advanced technologies like AI, ENL, and Statistical Replacement in this tool
  • There is a support for twenty + languages
  • You can also spin articles in bulk
  • There is a built-in grammar checker
  • It also offers a free forever plan
  • The pricing plans are flexible.


  • There are a few features in the free Plan.
  • Sometimes the quality of the article is not good despite of the advanced technologies.
  • The customer support is slow, which can cause trouble for you.

Copy Ai:

I’ve found that using Jarvis alongside other tools has helped me create better content for my website and email campaigns. Do you think Copy.ai is worth the cost? They’re building software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to create compelling copy for business owners, marketers, and copywriters.

 Copy.ai is a company that helps many famous companies create content. Some people argue that AI-based tools like Copy.ai can be used to replace writers, but they’re designed to help writers speed up their creativity.

In addition, Copy.ai offers features like “Growth Ideas” and “Brainstorming and Startup Tools.” These are helpful when you get stuck in a creative rut. I like Copy.ai because it is compatible with multiple languages. 

Copy.ai is versatile enough to generate content in any language. Visit Copy.ai and sign up for an account. You can sign up for classes via email, Google, or Facebook. Once you have signed up, Copy.ai will send you a confirmation email. From here, you can access 100 credits. Each check costs one credit, and Copy.ai generates ten suggestions per check.

This is enough to get a feel for the platform and its accuracy. You’ll find all the types of writing that Copy.ai generates on your left. Click on the one most relevant to you, type in your brand name and product description, click “Create Copy,” and you’re good to go.

Once you’ve used up your 100 credits, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid Plan to continue using the app. Creating writing is easy with this tool. You won’t be limited in how much you write. After using Copy.ai, I can safely say that most of its suggestions are catchy and engaging.

 However, some of the information in these sources is inaccurate or irrelevant, so that I would discard it. Copy.ai helped me find great headline ideas for an article about international SEO.

Key Features:

  • Copy ai Straightforward to use interface
  • It features 27+ Writing Tools
  • You can also create Ad Copy from this
  • This tool supports many languages
  • 24/7 Support forPremium members
  • You can make any content within seconds.

What I Like/Dislike about the Copy Ai:


  • The content editor is easy to use and features a decent text editor.
  • You can create multiple content types with templates and style content to specific tones.
  • The AIDA and PAS frameworks are supported
  • There are helpful tutorials in the help center.
  • Easy content sharing is also possible.


  • May lag while generating the content, which could lead to a lower quality of the final product.
  • Sometimes, highly random content appears on the screen. This can be unclear since it’s not always clear what the user is supposed to do with it.
  • The documents provided by Copy ai needed a lot of fact-checking to be accurate.
  • Long-form Copy can be tricky to write.


After looking at all the best tools for article spinning, it’s time for you to choose one and start spinning your own tales. Although, it may still be possible that you are skeptical about opting for your “ideal” article rewriter tool. 

Suppose you’re having trouble finding an excellent way to improve your website. In that case, I will encourage you to sign up for each tool below and use their free trial period to see if they work for you. 

I’m confident that you’ll be able to write an ideal article rewriter for your needs after completing your free trial. Please do not hesitate to ask in the comments section if you have any questions. I would be happy to help you out.

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