7 Best Camcorders For Youtube [Any Skill Level]

A camcorder is often used for making home videos and family recordings and shooting footage for films and television programs. Even if you’re not an avid videographer, you’ll benefit from having a video camera. Video is essential these days, and it’s becoming an increasingly useful way to record events and important information.

Video footage is becoming more and more popular in the world of filmmaking. Nowadays, it’s not unheard of video footage to be used in place of traditional film footage. This is largely thanks to the camcorder revolution a few decades ago.

There are many different models of camcorders available to buy. Making the wrong choice can lead to wasting money you could have spent better elsewhere.

One of the main advantages of using a camcorder is that they are easier to use than other video cameras. Also, they are more durable, portable and convenient to use than digital SLR cameras. Most of them can also be easily stored away, which makes them perfect for taking on adventures and documenting your travels.

Although all camcorders have their unique characteristics and features, they all have their basic functions in common.

So if you are looking for the best Camcorder, these are some of our top choices:

List of the Best Camcorders:

List of the 7 Best Camcorders:

  1. Canon VIXIA R800
  2. Sony HDR CX675
  3. Panasonic HC-V770
  4. Sony HDR CX455
  5. Sony HDR CX405
  6. Panasonic HC-V180K
  7. Sony HDR CX900

Now that we have recommended the above best camcorders.

Let’s examine their features closely.

Canon VIXIA R800:

Best for vlogging.

The Vixia R800 is a Full HD Camcorder for professional video production. This camera can be used with your home computer or other devices that support HD output.

It is perfect for making short videos, DVDs, and photo slideshows ready to be shared with the world.

Key Features:

  • This device can allow you to connect to most smartphones and tablet devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to share content straight from the camera.
  • It has an outstanding 3.28 million dot OLED touch screen that makes it simple to navigate.
  • It is capable of capturing quality video at 1920 x 1080 resolution. You can enjoy Full HD playback on any HD-compatible television or computer monitor.
  • It also has a built-in mic and headphone jack so you can monitor your audio while recording video.
  • This device accepts SD SDHC and SDXC memory cards, which means it can record HD content from many different types of devices.
  • This product has a rotating zoom ring that allows you to easily adjust the lens and an anti-shake image stabilization system to help you keep your videos steady.


  • $274.99 

What I Like/ Dislike about the Canon VIXIA R800:


  • It comes with a Back-illuminated CMOS sensor with 34.3 megapixels, providing you with improved sensitivity and lower noise.
  • It has Built-in Wi-Fi that makes it easy to view your videos on a smartphone or tablet before uploading them.
  • It has an internal microphone that records high-quality sound when shooting outdoors or in windy conditions.
  • The device scene Intelligent Auto mode provides fully automatic operation with advanced scene analysis and auto White Balance for hassle-free shooting.


  • The device has no external microphone jack. So, it would help if you used the built-in microphone.
  •  No GPS, so you need an external GPS or can’t track your trip on Google Maps.
  •  Battery life is not as good as other cameras with larger batteries.

Sony HDR-CX675:

Best for Professionals.

The Sony HDR-CX675 is the next generation of camcorders from Sony. It combines simplicity with the versatility to give you extraordinary quality.

This camera is ideal for anyone with a creative streak. It’s easy to use and will help you shine in any situation.

Key Features:

  • It features a wide-angle Carl Zeiss lens that provides an optical 12x zoom in HD, allowing you to get closer to the action without sacrificing quality or resolution.
  • Features such as the low-light sensor, optical zoom lens and MP4 recording format give you more control during your filming trips.
  • The Camcorder automatically adjusts the focus according to the subject you are filming and gives you more control over any footage.
  • This Camcorder also has some interesting image stabilization features, which are impressive and very useful in high-speed situations such as capturing a sports event.
  • It also has an external microphone input and an integrated speaker and accepts up to 128 GB SDHC cards.


  • $567.00  

What I Like/ Dislike about the Sony HDR-CX675:


  • Its sensor is the best in its class, with better low-light performance and a wider dynamic range.
  • It records AVCHD or MP4 video on memory cards or a USB hard drive. This provides flexibility in file types while maintaining compatibility with other devices.
  • It has a flip-up LCD screen that allows for fully framed shots and easy, intuitive navigation controls.
  • It comes with a built-in stereo microphone for superior sound recording.


  • This model camcorder has a 2/3″ image sensor that’s often outdated compared to its competition.
  • The camera does not have an auto-focus motor for quick and precise focusing.
  • Its battery life is considerably finite.
  • The camera has a mediocre zoom lens with only 4x optical digital zoom.

Panasonic HC-V770:

Best for beginners and professionals.

The Panasonic HC-V770 Camcorder is one of the best options for someone who needs to make a film or video project but doesn’t have the money to invest in a high-end camera.

This Camcorder offers stunning picture quality and accurate depth of field for both standard-definition and high-definition products, allowing you to create your artistic works.

Key Features:

  • It has Wi-Fi connectivity to send videos and images to other devices so you can watch them on a bigger screen.
  • It has a 20x optical zoom, 12x optical zoom for video, and power OIS and 3D shooting capability.
  • There’s also an optional Bluetooth remote controller available to buy separately from Panasonic that you can use to control some of the camera’s functions wirelessly.
  • The LCD’s tilt allows for a more flexible range of shooting angles. This could be especially useful to the videographer who wants to get low or even high above the subject matter.
  • It also has a hot shoe that permits users to attach accessories such as microphones or attach the device onto a tripod or stabilizer if desired.
  • It also boasts an impressive eight hours of recording time and up to 1,000 shots on the device’s 32GB internal memory.
  • The camcorder records video files in AVCHD or MP4 formats which are compatible with the most popular and compatible devices 


  • $599.99

What I Like/ Dislike about the Panasonic HC-V770:


  • It comes with an onscreen menu that allows you to change the settings of your Camcorder.
  • The camera also has 4x digital zoom, so you don’t have to rely on tape to get your footage.
  • It has a Built-in photo booth that allows you to create a slide show from your photos and videos.


  • The product’s flash has a limited range and does not go very far.
  • This device has a short battery life and requires frequent charging.
  • The microphone in this camera is not as strong as other cameras. 

Sony HDR-CX455:

Best for beginners and professionals.

The Sony HDR CX455 Camcorder is a high-quality and affordable alternative to the professional-grade cameras in the market, and we think it stands up to all its competitors.

The HDR CX455 also features some of Sony’s most advanced features like SteadyShot and Intelligent Active Mode, which work seamlessly with virtually any lens or camera adapter.

Key Features:

  • It offers a dustproof and waterproof (up to 3m) feature, so you can take it places that might be hard on other less rugged models.
  • It also boasts two built-in microphones, which is advantageous for those looking to enhance their video with improved audio recording quality.
  • For outstanding visual performance, the HDR-CX455 features a newly developed 12.5-megapixel Exmor R™ CMOS sensor and BIONZ X™ image processor, which work together to produce crisp and realistic video files.
  • The Sony HDR-CX455 offers next-level control over your recorded image through a clear High Definition OLED Tru-Finder™ display.
  • The Sony HDR-CX455 supports both AVCHD and MPEG-2 HD formats, making it compatible with HD LCD and plasma TVs.


  • $288 

What I Like/ Dislike about the Sony HDR-CX455:


  • It has a Slow and Quick mode, which is used to create slow-motion and fast action scenes, respectively
  • It is compatible with the latest Memory Stick Duo PRO cards that offer high-speed data transfer rates.
  • Its powerful lens offers a fantastic range in low-light or crowded dark areas.
  • With impressive high-definition recording video, the device looks great even when played back in HD format.


  • The internal microphone is also not good, but it’s not that big of a deal.
  • This is also a heavy camcorder, so holding it steady while recording may be challenging.

Sony HDR CX405:

Best for Vlogging.

If you’re looking for a camera on a budget, the Sony HDR CX405 is an excellent option.

This Camcorder provides great video quality at an affordable price, providing users with options like 60p recording (1080/60i), 24p recording (1080/24p), and even the ability to shoot in RAW.

It’s lightweight and easy to use, with automatic features that make shooting a breeze.

Key Features:

  • It features a super wide-angle lens that captures the most in your shot and a powerful zoom lens with 12x optical zoom with digital image stabilization.
  • There is also an HDMI output that transmits high-definition video in real-time to your monitor, playing it back flawlessly while giving you the superior quality of 4K recording.
  • In addition to its powerful zoom lens and super wide angle lens, the HDR CX405 Camcorder also features a 3.0″ touch screen LCD that allows you to change settings and set up easily. The touchscreen interface is simple, and you can control the camera with a finger tap.
  • The HDR CX405 Camcorder has a Dynamic Range Optimizer (DRO) that allows you to capture vivid and true-to-life videos.
  • This rugged and lightweight camera has a flip screen, so you can shoot in any direction without setting up shots beforehand. It also features slow-motion video capabilities with speeds up to 240 fps at max resolution.


  • $288

What I Like/ Dislike about the Sony HDR CX405:


  • It has a 3.2″ LCD screen that can be customized to see what you’re doing at all times, making it much easier to record footage without constantly having to get your hands involved.
  • It also has an LCD screen protector for extra protection and peace of mind.
  • The autofocus feature helps streamline the recording process and ensure that the footage you’re capturing looks great, which is a must today.


  • The autofocus feature is pretty fast, but it’s still not as fast as professional cameras.
  • The LCD screen protector and the weatherproofing can also be a bit of a hassle.
  • It’s pretty heavy and will make it more difficult for you to film long scenes without getting tired.

Panasonic HC-V180K HD:

Best for general use.

The Panasonic HC-V180K HD camcorder is a versatile camera that’s perfect for video recording at home or on the go.

With a 360-degree Rotating Lens, you’ll be able to capture every detail of your surroundings while also having a wide range of zoom.

You can even transfer your files from this device onto a laptop or desktop computer for editing purposes.

Key Features:

  • The Camcorder features a 1/4.1 CMOS, high-sensitivity MOS sensor that provides high sensitivity, low noise and fast response to capture every detail of your surroundings.
  • The built-in 20x optical zoom lens can be used in a 360-degree rotating mode, extending the camera range from 30 cm to 135 cm. You can also record high-definition movies at the touch of a button.
  • The HC-V180K HD has Wi-Fi and NFC technology that allows users to upload content to Panasonic Image Gate in a few minutes without connecting cables or wires.
  • The HC-V180K has spatial noise reduction technology, which helps to reduce minor noise and static when shooting movies in low light.
  • It’s also equipped with a rechargeable battery, 32GB of internal flash memory and an SD-card slot you upgradable to 64GB.


  • $369.99 

What I Like/ Dislike about the Panasonic HC-V180K HD:


  • The 2GB, SDHC memory card, offers approximately 5 hours of digital movie recording time.
  • The built-in digital camera allows you to take still shots without using your digital camera or smartphone.
  • It has a larger sensor (1/2.33″) for more efficient image quality at lower ISO settings, especially in dim light.


  • The picture quality is outstanding, but the battery pack is not removable.
  • It does not have an HDMI jack for high-definition image output.
  • The zoom functions are manual, and there is no autofocus.

Sony HDR CX900:

Best for professionals.

The Sony HDR CX900 is an easy-to-use camcorder that takes stunning videos and photos in full HD.

The 1 –inch Exmor sensor captures stunning images and clear 1080P videos capable of capturing higher quality into each frame.

This Camcorder has many professional features that allow you to record videos easily.

Key Features:

  • Video is recorded onto the memory card by a Memory Stick PRO Duo slot, so you can also record audio directly from the camera.
  • It offers a mic jack on the side of the camera for voice recording.
  • It also has an excellent 1/3.0 inch LDC imager with 5x digital zoom.
  • The Camcorder comes with two zoom lens options, digital zoom and an electronic, optical zoom that increases the optical zoom by 1.5X.
  • The camera also includes a battery charging indicator to show the charge level of the individual battery used on each dual battery included with the Camcorder.
  • The Camcorder features GPS that you can use to set the camera’s time and the date and keep track of the location.


  • $1.199.95

What I Like/ Dislike about the Sony HDR CX900:


  • It provides you with different recording formats, including AVCHD and XAVC S, which allows you to choose the file format that suits your needs.
  • The Camcorder has an enhanced range of shutter speeds, offering shutter speeds as fast as 1/10000, which makes it great for shooting fast-action shots or capturing blur-free videos.
  • This Sony camcorder is designed to be very durable and is made using high-quality materials.


  • Although the camera offers a great range of shutter speeds, they are only usable in manual mode.
  • The battery life isn’t very good, so you’ll need to purchase extra batteries for long shoots and be sure to charge them before you begin filming fully.


Numerous camcorder options have been discussed in this article thus far that you can use to make and produce all types of videos you want.

You are free to compare and choose the best Camcorder you wish to have through this review, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each Camcorder listed above.

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