7 Best Canon Camera Bags For Traveling

It is often advisable to store the camera in the bag when not in use; this will protect it from getting damaged, and a canon camera bag is a great way to protect a camera.

Several factors should be considered if you are looking for a canon camera bag; the first is functionality- a more functional camera bag can provide better protection for your camera and give it the features it needs.

A good example of the features that a more functional camera bag might possess is compartments.

These compartments store lenses and accessories in addition to your camera’s main body, making it easier to find things when you’re working or travelling.

Many canon camera bags are designed for different particular kinds of cameras and will also be able to hold lenses and other accessories.

The lens and accessories you want to carry with you must fit in the bag so that you don’t have problems with them being damaged or breaking during transit.

Be sure to check this before purchasing a canon camera bag.

List of the Best Canon Camera Bags:

List of the 7  Best Canon Camera Bags:

    1. Billingham Hadley Pro 2020
    2. Tenba DNA 15 Messenger Bag
    3. Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II
    4. Billingham Hadley One
    5. Gitzo Adventure 30L
    6. Mindshift Gear PhotoCross 13
    7. Airport Navigator

Now that we have recommended the above best canon camera bags.

Let’s examine their features closely.

Billingham Hadley Pro 2020:

Best-selling camera bag.

The Billingham Hadley Pro 2020 Weatherproof zipper on the back pocket is used to stow and protect important documents and the camera itself.

The bag comes with a rainproof protective sleeve and a water-resistance bottom.

Key features: 

  • The product features a luggage strap that connects your bag to a trolley for added convenience while travelling.
  • The BBHPA’s design is well-balanced, durable for long-term use, and fast and agile during practice sessions or competitions.
  • The rugged dual belt system has side pockets to store water bottles securely. 
  • The Billingham Hadley Pro’s rain cover helps dry your equipment during storage or transport.
  • The shoulder strap has a sophisticated design and is capable of being adjusted so that you can move it to fit your body.


  • $320.00

What I Like/Dislike about the Billingham Hadley Pro 2020:


  • The product comes with adjustable front pockets that allow you to keep documents.
  • The product fits most DSLRs (without a battery grip) or almost any mirrorless camera – and 2-3 small to medium-sized lenses with accessories (will fit most 70-200mm lenses).
  • It has dedicated storage for an iPad Mini and mini-gadgets
  • It can be used as a casual bag when needed.


  • The shoulder strap is a little short for long-distance hiking or evening walks.
  • It only weighs 1.8 kg which means it could get uncomfortable when zipped if you have a heavy load in the bag.

Tenba DNA 15 Messenger Bag:

Often referred to as a “medium” messenger bag. 

The Tenba Messenger Bag is designed for daily use, from commuting to work and on-the-go errands.

Its compact design allows for simple storage, and its stiff frame provides plenty of protection.

The Tenba messenger bag offers versatility and can be carried by hand or on your shoulder or back.

Key features:

  • It features a fully padded laptop sleeve that can comfortably fit laptops up to 15″ in size. 
  • A front pocket includes a touch-fastener flap to close it off – ideal for your phone or other personal items. 
  • This bag’s robust construction provides durability and proven protection for your gear.
  • The Tenba DNA 15 messenger bag comes in multiple colours and is a great option if you want to carry your gear in style.
  • There are two padded external pockets to keep cameras, tablets, or even smartphones secure against bumps and jostles and external pockets for smaller items like pens or spare camera batteries.


  • $199.99

What I Like/Dislike about the Tenba DNA 15 Messenger Bag:


  • It comes in three stylish colours: black, olive green, and tan.
  • There are plenty of pockets to keep your gear organized so that nothing can go missing. The shoulder strap is removable so you can carry it as a backpack or vice versa.
  • The two straps on the back provide maximum comfort, stability, and security when carrying this bag over your shoulder.


  • No rain cover is included in the package, so if you get this bag, I recommend buying a rain cover, or you can make one yourself. 
  • The shoulder strap pad is not very comfortable with a heavy load; it would be best if you could replace it with a more comfortable one.


Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II:

One of the most popular camera backpacks on the market. 

 The Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW is perfect for the photographer who wants to shoot all day without interruption, with features like an air-cooled temperature-controlled compartment, a weatherproof rain cover, and an integrated tripod mount.

Key features:

  • The backpack allows quick and easy access to your camera equipment, so you can spend more time shooting photos and less time fiddling with your gear.
  • Another best feature of Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II is the waist belt and shoulder strap, which allows you to convert the backpack into a messenger bag. 
  • You will also find modular accessories in the Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II package, all made from ballistic Nylon. 
  • The zipper on the top of the bag is also weatherproof, so it can keep your gear safe from rain and other environmental factors.
  • The BP 350 AW II has a removable tripod sleeve that fits securely over the shoulder for added stability, even in side-to-side action.


  • $199.99

What I Like/Dislike about the Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II:


  • The product has a protective belly pad on the main compartment, preventing damage and scratches on your equipment.
  • It has clear pockets on the front to store small items like keys and documents.
  • It comes with an extra waist belt that can be converted into a utility belt for other uses (such as a messenger strap) 
  • Protective flap over the top closure to keep all your gear safe


  • It is quite a bulky bag and not easy to carry around
  • It has a slim dedicated space for a laptop which might be small

Billingham Hadley One:

Billingham Hadley One is stylish and functional.

Billingham Hadley One is one of the few camera bags on the market that can accommodate your large zoom lens, compact point-shoot cameras, laptop or tablet, and personal items.

The Billingham Hadley One has a customizable interior design, giving you plenty of options for fitting everything in.

Key features:

  • It offers leather attachment points at each bag end and accepts add-on pockets for additional storage space. You can also attach a padded tablet sleeve. 
  • The bag’s exterior pockets are also helpful for storing extra accessories, like memory cards and batteries.
  • It offers a protective leather flap over a water-resistant zip, keeping your gear safe from rain and other environmental factors.
  • A canvas strap across the back can be slipped over the handle of a wheeled suitcase so that you can transport your gear in larger cases.


  • $410.00

What I Like/Dislike about the Billingham Hadley One:


  • The product has a decent rain cover to protect your gear from the elements.
  • It is lightweight and compacted, with hard case features that make it suitable for travelling.
  • The zip system allows for quick access to your gear and the ability to arrange them in multiple configurations – perfect for adapting to changing scenarios on set or meeting with different clients.
  • It has multiple storage compartments to allow you to organize your gear with ease.


  • The bag is of a hard shell, so it won’t conform to your body and can be uncomfortable for long periods.
  • The material inside the bag is an easy scratch, so you’ll need to be careful with ZipLock bags or anything else sharp.

Gitzo Adventure 30L:

Gitzo Adventure 30L is perfect for travel.

Gitzo Adventure 30L is designed to accommodate a pro DSLR with an attached 70-200mm f/4 lens, a second body, and up to four more lenses.

It has been used all over the world. Some straps are removable, making the bag versatile and easy to carry.

The Adventure 30L has a capacity of up to 5 kilograms (11 pounds) of loads.

Key features:

  • The bag has two padded dividers that can be moved to modify storage capacity, depending on how you want to organize your gear.
  • The internal unit is removable, so you can reconfigure it to fit your gear. The pocket has a protective flap to protect your stuff from rain and other environmental factors. 
  • The bag has side access, so you can get to the main compartment without removing the large internal unit. 
  • An internal safety strap keeps your camera in place and prevents it from moving.
  • The bag offers a waist belt and shoulder strap, making it easy to carry the bag on your back.
  • The bag is water-resistant and can protect your gear from sudden rain.


  • $439.99

What I Like/Dislike about the Gitzo Adventure 30L:


  • It comes with small pockets that can fit smartphones or memory cards if you’re at an event and want to save your photos while at home.
  • The backpack is extremely durable and is well-suited for many different types of outdoor photography.
  • The backpack is made of Nylon and is very comfortable, offering ample padding to wear around your body.


  • The camera attachment on the backpack may be difficult to adjust depending on your camera body.
  • It may not be suitable for those on a budget as it’s a bit pricey.

Mindshift Gear PhotoCross 13:

Mindshift Gear PhotoCross 13 is best for carrying DSLR camera.

Mindshift Gear PhotoCross 13 is used for carrying and protecting a camera; you can spin it around on your shoulder to gain access to your camera without the need to take the bag off and lay it on the ground.

This versatile bag can accommodate a DSLR, accessories, and personal items. 

Key features:

  • The front of the pack has a neoprene sleeve to protect your camera from bumps and scratches while you’re on the go.
  • The bag offers a set of internal padded dividers, which will help you organize the gear inside.
  • The bag has room for up to eight lenses, and with the shutter release on the front of the bag, you can quickly change between lenses without having to take everything out of your bag. You can also easily slide in any accessory that needs to be quickly accessed, such as extra SD memory cards.
  • The bag offers two additional pockets to keep your accessories within easy reach.


  • $142.75

What I Like/Dislike about the Mindshift Gear PhotoCross 13:


  • It’s a good size for carrying many gears, with plenty of pockets for smaller items like chargers, cables, belt pouches, etc. 
  • The bag has an ergonomic design with air-mesh padding that provides great ventilation and is very comfortable to wear all day long.
  • The bag has an attached rain cover covering the whole backpack, protecting your equipment from all weather conditions.


  • The material used is lightweight and may not be as durable as other backpack models on the market today.
  • The bag does not have a designated area to store a laptop. You will need to purchase an extra case that could fit your laptop if you wish to use this bag for work purposes.

Airport Navigator Camera Bag:

The airport navigator camera bag is used more for its Dual access roller. 

The airport navigator camera bag has top and front openings for rapid and unobstructed gear access.

Its durable design is made with a combination of a compact profile and wide straps that offer the simple organization. Its exterior is water-resistant and protected from other types of damage.

The bag is designed with a high-strength aluminum handle built to last. It’s also made with a combination of high-durability and lightweight materials.

Key features:

  • The bag is designed with two side pockets, which are accessible with the help of a single large zipper. The front pocket is big enough to hold a wallet or items you want to keep near you.
  • The bag offers two separate zippered pockets for carrying a tablet and a laptop.
  • Shoulder strap included with telescoping handle pass-through for piggy-backing on other rolling luggage.
  • The Airport Navigator Camera Bag includes an adjustable waist strap that can be adjusted up to 30″ from the base (to accommodate a person taller than 6 foot 4 inches).


  • $318.75

What I Like/Dislike about the Airport Navigator Camera Bag:


  • There are some useful compartments to keep the small accessories. 
  • The bag has a comfortable handle and a sturdy strap for better carrying purposes, especially when you are taking a long journey on an airplane, train, or other means of transportation.


  • The product has no side pockets for storing water bottles 
  • The product is not suitable for carrying a tripod or monopod  
  • It has only one buckle handle and no side handles to grab it when needed easily.  


The camera backpack is the best option to use nowadays as it can help you carry more equipment and organize your work area.

They are more durable and water-resistant, so you can easily carry them even if you are going for an outdoor shoot.

Some of the best backpacks for photographers can be found on this list, giving you a heads-up on what you need to look for while making your purchase decision.

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