7 Best Portable Turntable To Own in 2023 [Top Picks]

Portable turntables are compact devices that allow you to play vinyl records. They also come with USB ports, allowing you to connect them to other audio equipment.

Portable turntables are great because they let you bring your entire collection. Whether you prefer classic rock, hip hop, jazz, or country, you can easily access your favourite songs whenever you want.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Are you looking for something new to add to your collection? If yes, then you should consider investing in a portable turntable.

Portable turntables are great because they allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes. They also come in various sizes and styles, allowing you to choose the one that fits your lifestyle.

Several types of portable turntables are out there, each offering unique features. Some even offer Bluetooth connectivity, letting you stream from your smartphone or tablet.

Also, Different models of portable record players are available today. Some are designed for home use, while others are meant for outdoor activities.

This post will show you some of the best portable turntables out there.

List of the Best Portable Turntables:

List of Best Portable Turntables:

  1. Victrola 50’s Retro Portable Record Player
  2. Zbrqotl Suitcase Portable Record Player
  3. LP&No.1 Suitcase Portable Record Player
  4. Wockoder Classic Vinyl Portable Record Player
  5. Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK Portable Record Player
  6. 1byone HiFi System Portable Record Player
  7. SeeYing Vinyl Portable Record Player

Let’s take a closer look at each of the best portable turntables below:

Victrola 50's Retro Portable Record Player:

Best for the music enthusiasts.

The Victrola 50’s retro record player is a great choice if you want a simple solution to listen to your favorite vinyl records.

This compact device lets you enjoy your old favorites without breaking the bank. Victrola 50’s Retro offers an affordable record player with plenty of features.

This retro-style record player lets you enjoy vinyl records and CDs with ease.

Key Features:

  • The retro-style record player spins records at three different speeds, including 33 RPM, 45 RPM, and 78 RPM. You can even connect it to your computer via USB, allowing you to encode your music digitally.      
  • In addition, the Victrola 50 features built-in speakers that are designed to reproduce the original sound quality of the vinyl. The device is available in four beautiful retro-inspired colors, including black, red, blue, and green.     
  • You’ll find a volume control knob on the front panel, a power switch and a headphone jack. There are no controls on the rear panel, but it does come with a carrying case.        
  • The Victrola 50’s Retro includes Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly to compatible devices such as mobile phones and tablets. You can easily pair it with your phone via the included Bluetooth cable. With Bluetooth enabled, you can stream your favorite songs directly to the device without downloading anything.
  • This turntable has a built-in FM tuner allowing you to tune into local stations. You can sync your station presets to your smartphone using the included aux cord. 
  • This particular model features a built-in amplifier, meaning you won’t need to buy separate speakers to enjoy music.   
  • The included remote control can adjust volume levels and skip tracks.


  • $79.99

What I Like/Dislike about the Victrola 50’s Retro Portable Record Player:


  • It has a nice stereo that plays records, CDs, and radio well     
  • The product comes with several knobs needed for controls        
  • The product is ideal for your living room, bedroom, and office   
  • It is quite fashionable and well-built with quality material 


  • The product skips on vinyl at times. 
  • It has poor tech support from the after-sales customer service team.

Zbrqotl Suitcase Record Player:

Best for music enthusiasts.

The ZBRQOTL record player features a built-in speaker system, which provides high-quality sound.

It also includes a USB port for connecting to your computer and transferring files. Additionally, a power switch is on the side of the unit, making it easy to turn off the device when needed.

It weighs just over one pound, making it extremely portable.

Key Features:  

  • With three speeds, it allows you to enjoy almost every type of vinyl record, including 45 RPM, 33 RPM, 12″, 7″, 8″, 10″, LP, CD, cassette, and even MP3 files.
  • This model includes a built-in speaker system and offers wireless Bluetooth connectivity for playing music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet. 
  • This model features a lightweight and compact design that makes it easy to carry around, even on long trips. The included USB cable allows you to connect directly to your computer, making it possible to transfer files wirelessly.
  • With a battery life of up to 24 hours, you’ll never miss another great song again.


  • $65.99

What I Like/Dislike about the Zbrqotl Suitcase Record Player:


  • It has a great casing for storing all your albums.  
  • It is quite affordable when compared to other similar products.
  • The product comes with a design that gives a vintage feeling.   
  • It is well made with top-notch quality material and quite okay to transport your records without damage


  • The product has no recording feature.

LP & No. 1 Suitcase Portable Record Player:

Best for beginners.

The LP & No. 1 suitcase portable record player is one of those rare products that delivers what it promises without breaking the bank.

This budget-priced unit offers three speeds for playing LPs, a built-in speaker system, and a carrying strap for easy transportation.

And while we know you probably won’t want to lug around your entire collection of vinyl discs daily, this lightweight device is still well suited for occasional use.

Key Features:

  • The device itself measures 5.5 x 4.6 x 2 inches and weighs less than 10 ounces. 
  • It includes a pair of built-in stereo speakers, a USB port for charging mobile devices, and a pair of headphone jacks for listening privately without disturbing others nearby. 
  • The built-in stereo speaker system plays both CD and LP records, along with MP3 files.
  • In addition to playing standard 45, and 78 RPM records, it supports 33 RPM discs and can play digital music files stored on USB flash drives, SD cards, micro SD cards, or even hard disks. You can use the included cable to connect the recorder to a TV set via HDMI output, allowing you to listen to your favorite songs while watching movies or videos.      
  • The LP&No.1 Suit Case Portable Recorder includes a rechargeable battery that allows you to listen to music for up to 8 hours per charge.


  • $124.99

What I Like/Dislike about the LP & No. 1 Suitcase Portable Record Player:


  • It comes with a premium sound record player that allows you to enjoy the warm and vinyl experience fully      
  • It has a decent portable design that gives it a classic and trending touch
  • The product has two built-in speakers for comfortable listening
  • It has a seamless Bluetooth connection with mobile devices


  • It has a poor bass and ear-shredding high end.
  • The product speakers produce echoes at times.
  • It comes with average sound quality.

Wockoder Classic Vinyl Portable Record Player:

Best for general vinyl geeks.

The Wockoder Classic Vinyl portable record player is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use turntable.

With a weight of just 6 pounds, it’s ideal for travel and is compatible with most common vinyl record formats.

Key Features:

  • This lightweight machine plays records up to 33 RPM, and it’s designed to look good while doing it. 
  • The device offers a built-in rechargeable battery that lets you listen to tunes without having to plug into anything. 
  • You’ll find a 3.5mm input jack on one side and a USB port on the opposite side, allowing you to connect directly to a computer or smartphone. The included AC adapter plugs into a wall outlet, so there are no cords to worry about.      
  • Wockoder record player offers a built-in amplifier, speaker system, headphone jack, and a USB port for charging mobile devices. And while there are no fancy controls, the included remote control makes navigating the menu easy.       
  • You can plug in a USB thumb drive or SD memory card to listen to music stored there, and it even supports the playback of MP3 files via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 
  • This device provides dual dynamic stereo speakers powered by high-quality neodymium magnets, and the unit itself is constructed of sturdy aluminum.


  • $43.95

What I Like/Dislike about the Wockoder Classic Vinyl Portable Record Player:


  • The product is well compacted and plays all records of different size
  • The product comes with built-in speakers without a need for your stereo setup
  • It allows you to amplify your audio quality via the line out and aux connections
  • It comes with a Bluetooth receiver that enables to connect and play music from your mobile devices


  • The product does not support Bluetooth output. 
  • It has a cheap tone arm locking mechanism that produces an average quality of sound.

Audio-Technica LP60X-BK Portable Recorder:

Best for professional sounds.

The award-winning LP60X portable record player delivers superior audio quality and features. The Audio-Technica LP60X-BK portable record player offers quality audio performance and features at an affordable price.

With a sleek, modern design, it looks great next to your favorite music. 

Key Feature:  

  • The award-winning AT-LP60X portable record player features a built-in turntable and cartridge system, plus a high-fidelity digital amplifier. 
  • This combination makes it possible to play vinyl records in true audiophile quality without using a separate turntable.      
  • It includes a 2GB USB flash drive that lets you store up to 120 songs. Plus, you can connect it to your computer via a USB port or Bluetooth wireless technology to transfer files to and from your device.
  • The record player offers a built-in 3.5mm input jack that allows you to connect directly to external sources such as CD players, MP3 players, etc. You can even use it as a USB turntable. The included detachable RCA output cable lets you easily connect to home stereo systems, speakers, etc.        
  • A built-in headphone jack allows you to enjoy high-fidelity.
  • It offers a built-in turntable and cartridge holder that provides easy access to your favorite vinyl records while a clear acrylic cover protects the stylus and needle.


  • $149 

What I Like/Dislike about the Audio-Technica LP60X-BK Portable Recorder:


  • It comes with RCA outputs that enable connection to receivers and active speakers
  • It offers a Bluetooth option for wireless connection with mobile devices  
  • It has a top-notch sound reproduction, thanks to its static balance tonearm      
  • It has a well-made and attractive design.


  • The product sounds are not solid enough.

1byone Hi-Fi system Portable Record Player:

Best for music enthusiasts.

The 1byone Hi-Fi system portable record player is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality portable audio solution.

This portable hi-fi system features a built-in digital recorder and Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes wherever you go.

Key Features:

  • This device includes a 36W RMS stereo bookshelf speaker, a precision manufactured turntable, and a 12V DC power supply.
  • It also offers a convenient interface for connecting your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc., and even supports both MP3 and WAV files.
  • This unit includes a USB port for connecting directly to computers and allows you to stream audio wirelessly over Bluetooth technology. 
  • It offers an all-in-one design with a precision-manufactured turntable and a set of 36 watts speakers, with built-in encoding via USB connection and Bluetooth functionality. 
  • This portable record player offers a sleek look with a matte black finish and a brushed aluminum trim. It features a high-quality motorized belt-driven turntable, a 3-speed manual control, and a power supply that provides up to 12 hours of playback.   


  • $259.97

What I Like/Dislike about the 1byone Hi-Fi system Portable Record Player:


  • It offers wireless streaming that allows you to play music from mobile devices.
  • It is relatively easy to use and assemble.
  • It has a well-balanced sound between its bass and treble level.
  • The product speakers come with rubber feet material that protects its wood shelves.
  • It is quite suitable for normal-sized rooms and private listening.


  • With the inclusion of bookshelf speakers, the product is quite heavy to transport.

SeeYing Vinyl Portable Record Player:

Best belt-driven turntable.

SeeYing makes portable record players that are designed to look like classic turntables. This model is no exception. Its design is sleek and modern while still maintaining a retro feel.

SeeYing is designed to play both LP and CD formats. Its compact size makes it ideal for use while travelling and even includes a USB port for charging mobile devices.

Key Features:        

  • SeeYing Vinyl portable record player features a turntable plinth designed to withstand shocks. The turntable platter is protected against shocks thanks to rubber feet and anti-skid coating, while the body itself is constructed from high-quality polycarbonate material. 
  • The turntable platter features three speeds, including 33 RPM, 45 RPM and 78 RPM. There are three play modes – single track, shuffle, and repeat– plus volume control, a headphone jack, and an integrated speaker.     
  • It is compatible with USB and SD memory cards, meaning you can load your favourite music onto the device. You can even convert vinyl to digital via the included software.  
  • There are integrated controls for volume, skip tracks, and pause/play.
  • This record player features a durable, high-quality acrylic turntable platter, which protects your records from shocks and scratches.


  • $119.99

What I Like/Dislike about the SeeYing Vinyl Portable Record Player:


  • It comes with a design that protects records from damage and accidental scratches.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to play songs with mobile devices.     
  • It comes with a vinyl converter that enables you to convert records into MP3.
  • Its compact design makes it easy to carry around anywhere.


  • The product has no built-in speakers, rendering its sound quality average.  


A portable turntable might be a great choice for obtaining the most from your music listening when you’re on the road.

The devices listed above are excellent to start within the world of record players.

We sincerely hope this in-depth buying post will be helpful for your first-time purchase of a portable record player.  

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