7 Best WordPress Software [Must Have Themes in 2023]

WordPress is a popular Content Management system (C.M.S.) commonly used today, and it’s easy to see why. It has a great community supports its users with tutorials, documentation, forums, and more. But what if you want something different?

What if you need a C.M.S. that can do everything your current site does but better?

Or maybe you wish for an easier way to manage all those posts and pages on your blog or website.

This article reveals some of the best WordPress software available for download.

List of the Best WordPress Software:

List of Best WordPress Software

Here is our list of our 7 Best WordPress Software:

  1. Divi Builder
  2. Elementor
  3. Beaver Builder
  4. Themify
  5. Brizzy
  6. Astra
  7. SeedPro

Let’s take a closer look at each of the Best WordPress Software below:

Divi Builder:

Best used for customizing your website design and contents.

Divi builder is a WordPress plugin that is usable with any theme.

It provides its users invested in WordPress a strong alternative to using for content editing and site development.

It is also a great alternative for website design due to its sophisticated controls and limitless layout options.

Key Features:

  • Divi Builder presents users with numerous design options and dozens of unique pages.
  • Divi Builder has to redo, undo, and revise options that allow its users to correct their mistakes.
  • Divi Builder allows you to manage all your website designs using the website-wide design and global elements settings.
  • Divi Builder provides a drag-and-drop building feature that allows you to add, delete and move elements around your website without coding.
  • Divi Builder makes it easy for you to edit your page via the Inline text editor.
  • Divi Builder allows you to customize your pages with its true visual editing feature.
  • Divi Builder can save and manage your custom designs and streamline your workflow.


  • Yearly access: $89 per year
  • Lifetime access: $249 on a one-time payment 

What I Like/Dislike about Divi Builder:


  • It has an intuitive interface
  • A good value for your money
  • Very easy to use
  • It comes with an extra WordPress theme
  • Does not need any coding knowledge to build a website


  • No popup builder
  • It takes time to load pages at times
  • No integration with WordPress block editor


Best used for designing sales pages, custom forms, and promotional pages.

Elementor is a WordPress drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to create stunning pages using a visual editor and construct dynamic websites through its architecture.

With Elementor, you have access to a one-stop shop for managing every visual and feel aspect of your website.

Motion effects, a variety of typefaces, and improved background graphics are ways you may customize your website to meet your brand description.  

Key features:

  • Elementor allows users to customize their designs and increase conversions by creating popups.
  • Elementor provides users with a live visual editor needed for WordPress website optimization. Live visual editor enables users to know what their audience is seeing.
  • Elementor has over 300 designer-made assets, which include customizable templates, footers, headers popups, and more you need to create a good website.
  • Elementor provides users with great animations and motion pictures such as Scroll and Mouse parallax to make your website more visually appealing.
  • Elementor allows you to customize your sales cart and checkout pages to give the users of your website a top-notch online shopping experience.


  • Essential plugin plan: $49 per year
  • Expert plugin plan: $99 per year
  • Stuido plugin plan: $299 per year
  • Agency plugin plan: $999 per year

What I Like/Dislike about Elementor:


  • Good Integration
  • Easy to use
  • Highly customizable
  • Has a responsive design
  • Good value for money


  • Customer support is poor
  • It has a learning curve for beginners
  • Glitches at times 

Beaver Builder:

Best for building pages on WordPress.

Beaver Builder is one of the reputable WordPress page builder software built with additional features for web developers.

Beaver builder has an easy-to-use interface and decent templates for users that seek to customize their websites. Beaver builder has extra tools to give users a nice basic experience as they build their websites.

Key features:

  • Beaver builder lets you preview and directly edit your layout on small, medium, and large device sizes through its responsive editing mode.
  • Beaver builder allows you to insert javascript easily. The javascript adds the code for your google analytics, animations, and customized loading screens on your website.
  • Beaver builder allows users to create personalized custom modules to suit the user’s and client’s needs.
  • Beaver builder enables you to perform functions in areas you can’t via its robust short code support.
  • Beaver builder provides users with the flexibility needed to perform custom functions such as incorporating custom fields, creating new widget areas, and adding new font families to your site.
  • Beaver builder allows you to limit contents and functions that are accessible and can be changed by other users.  


  • Standard plan: $99 for the first year before a 40% discount
  • Pro plan: $199 for the first year 40% discount
  • Agency: $399 for the first year 40% discount
  • Ultimate $546 for the 1st year 40% discount

What I Like/Dislike about Beaver Builder:


  • Easy to use
  • It has a full drag-and-support 
  • Decent page library templates
  • Usable on unlimited sites
  • Saves templates 
  • Amazing design features


  • Quite expensive
  • Landing page templates are limited
  • Undo and Redo options are not available


Best for building page layouts on WordPress.

Themify is a flexible page builder that offers all its users a simple way to build their website with simple drag-and-drop editing.

All of the Themify-built themes are well-integrated and compatible with other themes.

Key Features:

  • Themify has a modular-based feature that loads your files and resources only when used.
  • Themify integrates well with WordPress or multiple sites and allows you to power many websites.
  • Themify provides you with great search engine optimization. All Themify contents are SEO friendly and well indexed by search engines.
  • Themify allows the front-end and back-end of your website to be responsive with great displays on your mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
  • Themify reduces server resources and processes pages faster through its built-in cache system.
  • Themify allows you to translate words into any language via its core code.


  • Single Themes: $59
  • Master club: $89
  • Lifetime Club: $249

What I Like/Dislike about Themify:


  • Great integration with other platforms
  • CSS/HTML coding pages is available
  • Huge collection of themes and layout


  • No header or footer builder
  • Interface not intuitive


Best for building website pages and creating designs.

Brizy is one of the best WordPress software that allows you to build stunning designs and websites with its visual drag-and-drop interface and no coding experience.

Brizy belongs to the same category as other well-liked page builder plugins like Divi, Elementor, and Beaver builder.

Key Features:

  • Brizy provides its user with global fonts and colors that can be applied to your website, create dynamic global conditions for blocks, and save blocks and layouts for reuse.
  • Brizy allows you to control a large amount of your design using inline options instead of sidebars and popups.
  • Brizy makes your design responsive to a default, providing options to control how you want your designs to look on different devices.
  • Brizy enables you to create a personalized custom form across the pricing plan. 
  • Brizy enables you to move your content elements, rows, or columns into desired spaces and positions through the drag-and-drop feature.


  • Free Plan: 0$ Free 
  • Personal: $49 per year
  • Freelancer: $99 per year
  • Agency: $199 per year

What I Like/Dislike about Brizy:


  • Awesome inline editing
  • Good integration with other tools
  • Allow you to access your templates on any website
  • Popup builder is available


  • Creating a custom header and footer can be difficult
  • No import and export template feature
  • No third-party extension


Best used for building websites on WordPress.

Astra WordPress software is a free, open-source content management system for building websites, blogs, and online stores.

It is built on the popular PHP framework Laravel. Astra has been designed to be easy to use, fast and secure.

Key Features:

  • Astra allows you to control your fonts and topography size with over 700 Google fonts available for use
  • Astra gives you options to select from Full width, max width, boxed, and fluid layouts
  • Astra allows you to customize your WordPress in real-time using the WordPress customizer
  • Astra provides you with importable templates on your website with a few mouse clicks


  • Annual plan: Astra pro at $49 per year
  • Essential bundle at $169 per year
  • Growth bundle at $249 per year
  • Lifetime plan: Astra pro at $239 per year
  • Essential bundle at $499 per year
  • Growth bundle at $699 per year     

What I Like/Dislike about Astra:


  • Highly customizable
  • User friendly
  • Incredibly fast
  • Compatible with all major page builders
  • Offers starter templates


  • It has a learning curve for beginners
  • Support can be slow


Best used for creating landing pages for your website.

SeedProd is a powerful and flexible plugin allowing you to create professional-looking websites easily.

The plugin comes with a built-in theme builder, making it easy for users to build their websites without needing coding knowledge. It also includes an SEO toolkit, which helps optimize your site for search engines.

The plugin has been designed for the needs of small businesses, bloggers, and web admins.

Key Features:

  • SeedProd provides templates you can use to make landing pages for any niche or field.
  • SeedProd gives you numerous customizable options that you can use to customize all your pages easily without needing any developer.
  • SeedProd offers you custom WooCommerce blocks used to create product landing pages that will boost your sales within a short period.
  • SeedProd enables you to redo and undo several changes without losing progress.
  • SeedProd allows you to instantly apply font themes and color palettes to your page without manually picking colors.
  • SeedProd provides a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to design landing pages without coding.


  • Basic plan: $39.50 per year
  • Plus plan: $99.50 per year
  • Pro plan: $199.50 per year
  • Elite plan: $239.60 per year

What I Like/Dislike about SeedProd:


  • Beginner friendly
  • Access to numerous stock photos
  • Mobile friendly
  • Highly customizable
  • Professional templates


  • No advanced feature
  • No A/B testing

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