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Writing content is hard. Writers strive to create exciting and effective content that drives actual results for their clients.

Writing is time-consuming. If you’re working full-time in the marketing business and can’t manage time to write that killer blog post or even update your existing ones, AI can help you.

AI tackles some of these problems by quickly increasing your ability to write and produce quality content.

So, which AI tool is the best when it comes to writing?

What is Copy Ai? is AI writing software created by Chris Lu and Paul Yacoubian in 2020.

Their goal was to create software that uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms to generate engaging copy for business owners, marketers, and copywriters.

Freelance writers and social media managers can also use this tool effectively.

Due to the short nature of media content, Social media managers also went through a lot of trouble to develop compelling hooks for their copy.

With the help of, they can make the most of their reach and generate engaging hooks by discovering the appropriate hashtags and captions for an Instagram post, a viral TikTok idea, and the best titles for videos.

Today, many reputable companies such as Microsoft, Zoho, eBay, and Ogilvy have in their content creation toolbox.

The AI-powered content creator enables you to generate blog introductions using the pain-agitate-solution format, create catchy email subject lines, and write better sales copy. 

You can also generate appropriate hashtags and captions for Instagram and TikTok posts and create Amazon product descriptions.

Not only these, it also offers additional features such as Growth Ideas, Brainstorming, and Startup Tools.

These tools help conquer writer’s block.

Another feature that makes this AI writing tool outstanding and most helpful is that it supports over 25 languages like English, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Portuguese. Moreover, you also can adjust the writing style and tone based on your audience.

Copy Ai Pricing:

When you sign up for, you can access three pricing plans.

The free plan is most suitable for new users to test the software.

Here, you will have over 90 copywriting tools, 25+ languages, 100 bonus credits for your first month, and ten credits per month.

Unlike other AI writing tools, your credit card details won’t be required, and you won’t have access to unlimited writing.

With the pro plan, you can get unlimited writing at $35 per month.

The third plan, which is the custom plan, is suitable for a business owner or team leader.

While doesn’t give a set price and features for this, you will get a personalized quote based on your team size and need.

How Does Copy Ai Work: isn’t a complex tool to use.

Simply visit through your desktop browser and sign up for an account.

You can use your Google, Facebook, or Email address to sign up.

As soon as you sign up, you will receive a confirmation mail from

You will be redirected to the software website by clicking on the mail. From here, you will get access to 100 credits.

The credits can be used for 100 checks. For a single check, will generate ten suggestions that can be viewable on the left side of the website.

From the ten suggestions, you can choose the one suitable for your needs and enter your company name and product description.

After this, click on create a copy. After using all the free credits, you will have to upgrade to the paid plan to continue using the website.

Copy Ai Pros and Cons:

The advantages of are numerous. Let us discuss some of them.

Ease of use: This is an important criterion for choosing an AI content generator, and copy.AI is very easy to use.

Its dashboard is organized on the left side, making it simple and easy to understand.

Plus, all content creation templates are organized in sections relevant to your industry.

Includes a good text editor: doesn’t just churn out content.

It gives room for creativity with its text editor feature. Resembling Google Docs, you can make any changes you deem fit to the content generated by the in this editor.

The best part of this text editor is that you won’t need to swap in and out of the website.

It allows you to work seamlessly within the ecosystem of

A wide range of templates: Out of all AI-powered writing tools, has the most templates, with over 90 of them.

With the wide range of its templates, you can create multiple content types, including Instagram captions, real estate listings, business references, emails, and a host of others.

This feature will make you focus on creating high-quality content for your business rather than worrying about the tedious process of hiring writers to do the job for you and the expenses that come with it.

More importantly, each template also comes with the option to choose a specific format, making way for greater precision of your content.

For example, sales copy offers formulas such as AIDA and PAS.

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to use these tools.

Adjustable styles and tones: Not only does this software enable you to gear your content towards a specific use case, but you can also adjust the style and the tone of the writing to suit your audience.

For example, knowledge-based content can be written in a professional tone, while entertaining social media content can be written in a humorous tone.

Detailed help center: is also efficient in the guiding-new-users-through process.

Its help center is rich with helpful information that will serve as a great guide to a first-time user.

It contains tutorials on how to use its products and information on pricing plans and discounts.

No matter how good a tool is, it will surely have its downsides. Let us discuss the disadvantages of Copy.AI.

Not an ideal tool for long-form content: A major disadvantage of is its inability to generate long-form content.

Due to its random repetition of paragraphs, isn’t the perfect tool for it.

Needs lots of fact-checking: Especially if you are writing business content, you will have to make a lot of fact-checks to prevent your content from being half-truth and half-false.


There are many alternatives to, and article forge is one of the best options.

A comparison between Copy.AI and article forge would clear things up for you. Article Forge is AI writing software that produces zero-plagiarized and SEO-optimized articles at a click.

Like, it uses Artificial Intelligence and deep learning to write content by obtaining information on a given topic from different websites, analyzing the obtained information, and rewriting it in its own language.

Unlike, Article Forge can be used for creating long-form content, making it the perfect tool for freelance writers and bloggers. Its recent update is designed to handle long-form articles of up to 1500 words.

Article Forge has many excellent features that will help create high-quality articles.

These features include generating articles’ relevant titles, automatically inserting external and internal links to content, and API-enabling third-party integration.

The pricing plan of article forge is cheap, just like’s.

The basic plan is $27 per month for up to 40,000 words, non-plagiarized content, API access, Bulk article generation, and automatic posting to WordPress blogs; the standard plan is $57 per month for up to 250,000 words, and all the basic plan features.

In contrast, the unlimited plan is $117 per month for 250,000+ words and all the basic plan features.

Before all these plans, you can use a 5-day free trial to know the efficiency of the software.

Article forge also provides a complete refund if you are not satisfied with the content generated.

Meanwhile, this refund is subject to you using the software for generating more than ten articles. 

However, has the upper hand over Article Forge with over 90 templates and over 25 supported languages, in contrast to Article Forge’s limited templates and six supported languages. is also the most affordable AI content generator in the market with its always-free option.

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