Copy Ai Review – Your Creating Content Wrong

AI-Powered writing tools are designed to assist writers in producing their everyday content, or more importantly, take over the whole process of content creation.

Various types of tools are being created, each being an expert in performing different functions.  

Read untill the end to know why Copy AI compares to Article Forge.

Content marketing can prove to be a powerful tool for building awareness and brand engagement.

After the creation of the content, it must be checked for minor and major errors before it is used to promote the brand, and that is where the AI tools come in.

Only the marketing of great content can bring yield to the brand. Although human writers are good at creating great content, the advancement of AI tools has shown a lot of potential.

With these AI tools, content creation has become easy and the result is high-quality and engaging write-ups.

One of these AI writing tools is

What is Copy AI? was founded in 2020 by two entrepreneurship freaks, Paul Yacoubian and Chris Lu. It is a writing platform that uses GPT-3 and deep learning to generate high-quality, engaging copy for businesses.

Not only is it accessible in over 25 languages, but the writing style and tone can also be adjusted based on your audience. caters to the demands of a wide range of users. Social media managers are one of the primary users of this AI tool.

Due to the short nature of media content, they often have trouble creating compelling hooks for their copy.

With the assistance of this writing tool, they can make the most of their reach and generate catchy hooks by discovering the appropriate hashtags and captions for an Instagram post, the best titles for videos, and many more.

Moreover, freelance writers can also take help from copy.AI. Most of the time, it saves them from severe writer’s block.

It can generate blog titles, introductory paragraphs, outlines, and sections. Although it can be used for long-form content, it may require fact-checking and human editing.

Email marketers can also use this AI-powered tool.

While email marketing is profitable, it can also be a hard task.

It requires obtaining a list of email addresses, coming up with attention-grabbing content daily, welcome emails, and follow-up emails. To keep up with all these requirements, can be a helpful partner.

Different tools that can hook subscribers, including catchy email subject lines and follow-up emails, are available on the platform.

All you need to do is to input your company’s name and the product description.

Copy Ai Features:

With over 90 templates, has many incredible features ranging from the generation of blog introductions to blog sections to landing page text to Meta descriptions to Tik Tok viral ideas.

Not only this, but it also offers a content template for cover letters, real estate listings, business plans, and reference letters. is built so that an internet novice can access it.

You can access the software by opening it on your laptop or desktop browser. Register through your Google, Email, or Facebook account.

You will receive a confirmation email from as soon as you sign up. You will be redirected to the website when you click on the mail. As a first-time user, you will get access to 100 credits.

The credits can be used for 100 checks. For a single check, will generate 10 suggestions on the left side of the platform.

Select the one that suits your need, and input your company name and the product description. Then, click on Create a copy.

After using the free credits, you will have to switch to the paid plan to continue using the website.

All these features are accessible at a very low rate. pricing plans are categorized into the pro plan, where you get unlimited writing for $35 per month, and the custom plan.

This custom plan is suitable for a business owner or team leader. doesn’t give it a set price and features, but you will get a personalized quote based on your team size and need for signing up for it.

Every software has its pros and cons, and isn’t an exception.

Let’s discuss some of its major advantages.

  • User-friendly interface

Users get fed up when they have to search through all the software features just to make five-minute content.

In, you will use the exact time you planned to use, as all the features are easy to find.

It uses a widely-known web service style with the workspace on the right and the navigation menu on the left, which makes content management easy.

  • Includes a good text editor. gives room for creativity with its text editor feature.

It does not churn out content but allows you to make changes to your text. The editor looks a bit similar to Google Docs, which is a simpler version of Microsoft Word.

The most important part of this editor is that it allows you to work seamlessly within the ecosystem of

You don’t need to keep swapping in and out of various windows, which can be quite annoying. Once your final copy is ready, just cut and paste it to the desired platform.

  • Availability of different templates

With templates grossing over 90, you can use to create multiple content types, including Instagram captions, sales copy, Digital ad copy, Emails, Blog introductions, and soon.

With the availability of these templates, you can focus on creating high-quality content for your business.

This will make life easier and cheaper instead of worrying about the tedious processes of hiring writers and the expenses that come with it.

More importantly, each template allows you to choose a specific format for greater precision.

For example, Sales Copy offers formats such as AIDA, PAS, and Features to Benefits.

You can use these features without being an expert marketer.

  • Adjustable tones

 Not only does this software enable you to gear your content toward specific use cases, but you can also adjust the tone of the writing to suit your audience.

For example, a knowledge-based article can be done in a professional tone, while entertaining social media content can be humorous and persuasive.

  • Quality help center.

Unlike software whose help center doesn’t contain the much-needed user information, the help center is a manual for new users.

It includes tutorials on how to use its products and pricing, plan, and discount information.

The tutorial is a detailed, easy-to-understand guide that explains everything from how the system works to specific content types.

Who Is Copy Ai For:

Since Copy.AI offers some significant benefits for content creators, business owners, copywriters, and marketers, the software still has some drawbacks.

  • Generation of Content is slow

 A major disadvantage of is its inability to generate content quickly. It may not be the perfect option for you if you have a large project and need to generate many results.

  • Needs lots of fact-checking content needs lots of fact-checking, especially if you are writing business content. Even if you provide it with a precise format, it can produce incorrect information.

  • Creating long-form content can be frustrating. 

In my opinion, copy.AI is not a tool for long-form content. While this may seem like a big approach, it is still the truth. is not the best option for long-form content due to its random repetition of paragraphs and slow generation of content.


Article Forge is another AI writing tool creates zero-plagiarism SEO-optimized articles. It uses Artificial Intelligence and deep learning to search for articles on web pages based on the topic given, analyze the articles, and then produce new content in its language.

Similar to, Article Forge also generates random content for long-form articles. While can be used for blog posts, sales copy, and many others, Article Forge only deals with article generation. is more international with its 25 languages option than the six languages of Article Forge, so is the market’s most affordable AI writing tool due to its always-free version.

Do you think AI writing tools will be able to replace human writers fully? 

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