Best Way Copy Ai Helps With Content Creation [Save Time]

The wave of technological advancement is affecting content creators.

The days are long gone when humans completely wrote articles, blogs, and scripts. In the modern era, several AI tools are available online that can fill a blank page in seconds.

One such tool is Copy AI, which saves time and money.

It is an efficient, effective, affordable tool, but is it worth it?

Let’s find out.

Read till the end to know whether AI Copywriting tools can replace Human copywriters in the future.

Founded in 2020 by Chris Lu and Paul Yacoubian, Copy AI is an AI-powered writing platform that generates high-quality and engaging business content. It uses GPT-3 and deep learning to help you automate your content. It is available in more than 25 languages. You can choose from different writing styles and tones based on your audience. 

With over 90 different templates, caters to the needs of a wide variety of users. Social media managers usually deal with short content. With the help of this software, they can find perfect hashtags to extend their reach and generate compelling hooks for their content.

Moreover, they can create the perfect title for videos, create engaging Instagram captions for pictures, and come up with unique TikTok ideas that can go viral. Email marketing is profitable but also challenging. You must obtain email addresses, gain subscribers’ attention, and offer value.

During this process, you will need to create high-quality content.

This is where Copy AI can be of great help. You will find different tools that will hook subscribers, including catchy email subject lines, welcome emails, and follow-up emails.

You have to input your company name and the product description, and you are good to go. Copy AI is the best tool for freelance writers as it produces blog titles, introductions, outlines, and blog sections. can also be used for a long-form article; however, it will require human editing and fact-checking, but this is better than struggling with a blank page for hours, no?

With Copy AI, you can create content such as call-to-action, event copy, landing page text, and Meta descriptions, making it an essential tool.

The features of Copy.AI are outstanding. It generates introductions, blog sections, landing page text, Instagram captions, TikTok viral ideas, Meta descriptions, etc.

Not just this, it also features a Content template for cover letters, business plans, reference letters, and real estate listings.

How Does Copy Ai Work?

But how does Copy AI work?

It isn’t a complex tool to use. Open in your browser to access the platform and sign up via Google, Facebook, or Email. will send you a confirmation mail immediately after you sign up.

You will be sent back to the website by clicking on the confirmation mail. As a first-time user, you get access to 100 credits.

After using that credit, you will have to upgrade to the paid plan to receive unlimited writing access. This is how the credit works: generates ten suggestions per check, and every single check costs one credit.

Select the writing according to your needs, type in your company name and the product description, click “create a copy, and you’re good to go.

How Much Does Copy Ai Cost?

So, how much will it cost you to access all these copywriting features?

Copy.AI pricing plan includes three main options:

Free plan, the pro plan that costs $35 monthly or $420 annually, and custom team plans.

The free plan is suitable for new users who want to test the software. Unlike other tools, you don’t have to input your credit card details.

You will have access to over 90 copywriting tools, 25+ languages, 10 credits per month, and 100 bonus credits for the first month. However, you won’t be able to create unlimited copies.

With the Pro Version, you can create unlimited marketing copy, blog outlines, headlines, topic ideas, ads, and other forms of writing. Copy.AI is constantly releasing new features; with this plan, you will be the first to access the latest tools.

A custom plan will be perfect for a business owner or team leader. If you’re one, consider signing up for it. Although Copy.AI doesn’t give a set price for this option, they will send a personalized quote based on your team size and need to you.

Every person should consider the PROS and CONS of any online tool before using it. 

So, let us discuss some advantages of Copy.AI.

Copy Ai Pros:

Quality content within seconds:

One of the significant advantages of Copy.AI is its ability to produce quality content quickly.

With its tools, features, and templates, you can write compelling meta descriptions, create high-quality content outlines, and generate attention-grabbing email subjects quickly, saving time, money, and energy.

It will just need a little touch of your expertise to make it more valuable.

User-friendly interface:

This is a factor to consider when shopping for copy generator software; Copy.AI doesn’t lack this.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to understand. It uses a widely-accepted web service style, with the navigation menu on the left and the workspace on the right side. All the features are arranged orderly, making content creation management super convenient.

Additional features:

AI has some qualities that aren’t available in other content creation tools, including a plagiarism checker and a Google Chrome extension.

Sometimes, swapping in and out of various windows can be annoying. Copy.AI creates an extension that allows you to work with Google Docs and Gmail tools at the same time.

The add-on also contains every feature of the Copy.AI website, so you don’t need to revisit the website every time. Once you are through with your Copy, just cut and paste it into the tool of your choice.

Most of the time, only Grammarly and other writing tools offer plagiarism checkers. Fortunately, Copy.AI features include a plagiarism checker.

When you are done writing or tweaking your sales copy, you can run a plagiarism check by pasting it into Copy.AI, and it will give you a score within some seconds. 

Eliminate Writer’s block:

Writer’s block is no joke. You open Google Docs expecting to create the next Van Helsing book but spend a millennium without writing a single line. Sometimes, writers need a little spark to bring out their raging creativity.

This is where copy.AI comes into play. You can use the Blog post wizard to get the work done.

Plug in a blog description and a target keyword. Hit the ‘generate outline’ button to get some results. That’s it, you will never experience a day of Writer’s block again.

Helpful tutorials in the help center:

By signing up at, you can access a help center with tutorials on how to use its products.

The tutorials are detailed, simple guides that explain everything from how the software works to specific content types.

Flexible content sharing:

After has generated the Copy you want, you can share that link with your clients, team members, employers, and friends.

This feature is handy for those needing more input or a second perspective on their content.

Helpful tutorials in the help center:

By signing up at, you can access a help center with tutorials on how to use its products.

The tutorials are detailed, simple guides that explain everything from how the software works to specific content types.

Flexible content sharing:

After has generated the Copy you want, you can share that link with your clients, team members, employers, and friends.

This feature is handy for those needing more input or a second perspective on their content.

Copy Ai Cons:

Every PRO has a CON. Although Copy.AI offers some significant benefits for content creators, business owners, copywriters, and marketers, the software is still lacking in some areas.

Slower when generating content:

If you have a large project and need to create a lot of content, may not be your best option. Generating content may take longer than usual.

Not suitable for long-form content:

The Blog Post Wizard works by providing a headline and keyword that will help generate an outline for your blog.

Later, you can prompt to regenerate as many significant points as necessary. Once you accept those points, will attempt to create talking points for each.

Unfortunately, this is where things start to go wrong. More than half of the time, the talking points are random.

It requires thorough fact-checking:

If you are using, be prepared to do rigorous fact-checking, mainly if you are writing a business article.

Even if you provide precise guidelines, it can produce incorrect information.

It mostly happens when you want to mention an event date in your blog.

Best Copy Ai Alternatives:

Are you wondering why Copy.AI is a better option than other copywriting tools?

Let us compare it with some renowned copywriting tools available online.

Jasper Ai:

Formerly known as, it is one of the most comprehensive premium AI copywriting tools.

It uses GPT-3 to generate impressive content. Unlike, can be used to create a long-form copy.

Also, it feels more professional and produces accurate content. However, is less flexible than and is more expensive.


Writesonic is another popular GPT-3 based AI-powered copywriting tool. Writesonic can generate content on SEO meta descriptions, ad copy, social media posts, and many more.

In addition to content generation, Writesonic offers several tools, such as Content Rephrasing. Like, its dashboard is well organized, enabling you to choose the type of content you want to produce and select the relevant template from the templates.

However, the drawback of Writesonic is that it produces inconsistent and irrelevant results, and there are a limited number and types of templates.

Can AI Copywriting Replace Human copywriting?

Coming back to the initial conversation, can AI copywriting replace Human copywriting?

The answer is ‘No, it cannot.

Even the best AI writing tools do not produce spot-on content. The results produced by these tools require human editing and fact-checking.

This is primarily true in the case of the long-form Copy. Besides, the short-form copy also requires proofreading, editing, and sometimes rewriting before it can serve its purpose.

AI cannot replace human copywriters, but it can change how we deal with the writing process.

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