Copy Ai Vs Article Forge Review – Which Is A Must Buy?

AI writing tools are virtual assistants that generate sales copy, blog outlines, emails, landing pages, and even Instagram captions. Each AI tool is different from another in some aspect. In this video, we will compare and Article Forge.

Read untill the end to know which one of these two AI tools would be a better option. uses GPT-3 and deep learning to produce high-quality content. It is an AI text-generation tool that enables you to create personalized, engaging content in its natural language. helps simplify the content creation process by providing over 25 templates for users. 

Article Forge And Copy Ai Overview

Article Forge, as its name depicts, is an AI-powered writing tool that uses natural processing language to generate SEO-optimized and non-plagiarized articles within seconds.

Article Forge has been around in the AI world for over 10 years now, whereas, is a new but rising star in the industry looking to take down many of those top competitors in the market. can be used by business owners, email marketers, freelance writers, social media managers, and web copywriters. In contrast, Article Forge can be used by freelance writers and bloggers. 

Now, let us compare the features of these softwares. deals with all content creation types, including sales copy, blog content, social media posts, emails, product descriptions, real estate listings, and cover letters.

Article Forge can only be used to create long-form articles and blog posts.

As a fully automated writing tool, one of the best features of Article Forge is its ability to generate content in bulk. Instead of sitting at your desktop writing one article at a time, you can quickly input 20 keywords to generate 20 articles.

This is where Copy.AI lacks as it is not very efficient in developing long-form content.

Another outstanding feature of Article Forge is that it enables the automatic insertion of internal and external links, videos, and images into the content. is more international than Article Forge as it is available in over 25 languages compared to Article Forge’s six languages.

Other features of Article Forge include integration with all major SEO tools such as SEO Autopilot, RangerX, Cyber SEO, and SEnuke TNG. 

Article Forge Pricing:

By looking at the pricing plans of and Article Forge, we can deduce that copy.AI is more expensive than Article Forge. is $35 per month, whereas Article Forge is billed at $13 per month.

However, offers a free plan option, whereas Article Forge doesn’t. It only offers a 5-day trial.

Both AI writing tools are easy to use and access. Article Forge obtains data related to the given topic from different web pages and then rewrites it in its natural language.

In contrast, uses deep learning to generate content. 

If you’re still not sure which one to select, let us compare their pros and cons. This might help you make the right choice.

Copy Ai Pricing:

Pros and Cons:

  • High-quality content: One of the significant advantages of and article forge is their ability to produce quality and engaging content within seconds. Inputting the required information will help generate high-quality blog outlines, attention-grabbing emails, and compelling meta descriptions. You just have to give minor touch-ups to convert a rough draft into perfect content.
  • Instant pictures, videos, and links: With Article Forge, you can generate articles with a single click, automatically add pictures, videos, and links to your content, and post directly to your WordPress blog if you have linked it to the platform. The automatic addition of pictures, videos, links, and direct posting to a WordPress blog is not available in
  • Availability of various templates: has an extremely large template catalog with innovative and creative use cases. This feature is rare in most AI writing tools, including Article Forge. Besides, Copy.AI has an exceptional tone modulation feature that makes it a distinctive tool.
  • Easy to use: Both and article forge are easy to use. Plus, you don’t need to download or install them on your laptop. You can access them through web browsers.
  • Ability to choose word length: With Article Forge, you can choose your word length, unlike, which doesn’t have the option to select a specific word limit.
  • Additional features: includes an extension that allows you to work with Google Docs and Gmail simultaneously. It also features a plagiarism checker that you can use instead of logging into another site to check for plagiarism. The additional features of Article Forge are integration with third-party platforms such as WordPress blogs and SEO tools. 
  • Eliminate writer’s block: Both and article forge are good in this regard. They help eliminate writer’s block with their ability to produce content. Even if the content isn’t top-notch, it would still help to ignite the user’s creativity.
  • WordPress post scheduling: The most useful feature of the unlimited plan of Article Forge is the post scheduler. You can schedule a daily post you want to be uploaded on your WordPress blog on the software, and the post will be automatically uploaded to your blog at that specific time and date. This option is not available in 
  • Customer support: The customer support of is top-notch. Their help center contains many videos that provide guidelines on how to use the software. Customer service can be reached through email and messaging systems, and the paid users get a faster response. Article Forge customer support isn’t as great. Their help center does not contain much information about the product, and email support is also not available. There is no live chat which also makes the process slower. 
  • Random generation of content: Both and article forge are similar in this aspect. generates random copy when it is used for long-form content and Article Forge sometimes diverts from the given topic.

Other alternatives to these two AI tools are:

Jasper AI

One of the alternatives to and Article Forge is It is an AI writing tool that can write various types of content, from blogs to books to social media and even landing page copy. It also supports 25+ languages like and generates high-quality content. It also includes integrated copywriting modes and techniques like AIDA and PAS. As far as the paid plans of Jasper.AI is concerned, its basic plan is $29 per month with access to up to 20,000 words, 25+ supported languages, and up to 5 team users, among other benefits. Whereas, its boss mode is $59 per month for 50,000 words, 25+ languages, and Google Docs’s Style Editor, among other features. 

  1. Writesonic 

WriteSonic is an AI writing tool that can generate high-quality articles, landing pages, blogs, Google ads, Facebook ads, Emails, tweets, product descriptions, and Instagram captions within seconds. It can also be used for paraphrasing articles and offer a template for a cover letter, resume, resignation letter, invoice, meme, and business plan. Like other AI tools, you have to describe your topic, specify your target keyword, and choose the language you want from the 25 languages, the same as copy.AI. It integrates with third-party networks such as WordPress, Zapier, and Surfer SEO. Writesonic offers free trial of 2500 premium words. No credit card is required for the free trial. Their plan for long-form articles starts at $12.69 per month and they also offer a custom plan. All in all, Writesonic is cheaper than both Article Forge and

  1. Rytr

Rytr is an AI-Powered content generator that can create articles, blog posts, and even books. Its algorithms are trained on historical data, so they can generate unique and compelling articles with the right tone for your audience while being grammatically correct. It is a bit different from as it can’t be used for creating sales copy. However, it is pretty much similar to Article Forge as it can be used for creating long-form articles. Their pricing plan includes a free plan of 5000 words, a saver plan of $9 per month and $90 annually, and an unlimited plan of $29 per month and $290 annually.

Conclusion:, as its name depicts, is a great tool for creating high-quality sales copy.

It is mostly suitable for business owners, email marketers, and web copywriters.

Although can generate blog outlines and introductions, it is not ideal for blog posts and articles, as it can’t undertake long-form content. Meanwhile, Article Forge is used essentially for generating SEO-optimized and non-plagiarized articles. So, it’s a suitable option for generating blog posts and articles, unlike

It also has its flaws as it cannot be used for creating ad copy, email, and other forms of writing except articles. In our opinion, copy.AI can be more effective than Article Forge in various aspects.

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