Frase IO Review – Best Ai Writer and SEO Research Tool

SEO writing is a powerful strategy for ranking high on Google. However, mastering it and achieving good results takes time.

Creating content necessitates extensive research. Without research, your content is hollow.

Do you know what constitutes a good content marketing strategy?

These are the four primary characteristics:

  • SEO and research
  • Examining Competitors
  • Filling Content Gaps
  • Filling the Gaps in Content Briefs

SEO content tools will assist you in determining which headlines and keywords to use in an article.

What Is Frase IO? is an all-in-one, AI-powered platform enabling writers to create higher-quality SEO content quickly. Frases AI also assists with research writing and process optimization.

It can help you save editorial time in several ways:

  • By conducting topic research
  • By creating content outlines
  • Utilizing A.I. to create content is the highest-rated A.I. software on Capterra. By determining the most appropriate keywords and queries for your post.

Making your content rank first on Google is easier now that is available. Furthermore, it can generate and improve relevant responses to your target audience’s queries! allows businesses to increase revenue, advance their expertise, and improve organic search rankings by speeding up content development. Frase’s incredible AI-powered tools can also predict and answer questions from your audience.

Other professionals who manage content but are not directly involved with SEO, such as web designers, may find the tool helpful.

  • Managers of content
  • Writers \Agencies
  • Freelancers
  • Owners of small businesses

Frase comprises two main parts:

Frase content optimization and Frase answers engine.

It mainly uses phrase content, where you analyze existing content, conduct keyword research, creates an SEO-relevant outline, creates content briefs, and create content using AI-assisted content.

Frase Answers is a knowledge-based A.I. assistant that can help your website visitors find answers to their most pressing questions.

Frase Answers is mainly automated, and once configured, it will crawl your website and serve the most relevant content visitors requested.

How Frase IO Work?

You cannot try Frase IO for free, so you must purchase one of their subscription plans to get started.

Curating and researching your content outline and briefs took hours because you had to open multiple search results and websites and figure out which topics were most common.

The software employs Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to interpret information and learn from web content.

Frase begins by searching Google for your search query or term and returns summaries and research based on the first 20 results within minutes.

With the help of their brief outlines, the research and summaries are used to quickly and easily produce content briefs. Adding research to a content brief is as simple as clicking a button in Frase.

Once your content brief is complete, you can share it with your writers or begin writing yourself by clicking on the “my contents” tab.

You can scroll through the available options and select paragraphs to include in your article.

Key Features of Fraise IO:

Question Research uses search engine data to generate a list of questions related to your keyword.

It mentions the source of the question and the monthly search volume alongside the questions.

The Frase Outline Builder allows you to create content outlines that include monthly search volume and related questions in minutes.

Frase Content Briefs

This feature is popular with more than half of users.

Do you want to know why?

First and foremost, the content briefs are generated by A.I. If you’re a professional individual or a company, your first ideas must always adhere to a brief.

Frase generates comprehensive briefs in seconds that include essential details such as headings, keyword counts, and relevant subsections. Content briefs include the following:

  • General Overview
  • Questions Section
  • SERP
  • Topic Clusters
  • Top 20 Suggestions
  • Headers
  • Data and external links

You can also create your brief custom template, which is helpful if you want to adhere to a specific SEO content framework.

Answer Engine

Frase answers have a site search feature, A.I. chatbots, and an API that allows you to customize solutions.

You can quickly answer, engage, and convert your website visitors into engaged leads and customers with Frase answers.

The majority of your website visitors will have questions about your content and products, and Frase answers provide a streamlined experience that allows your website visitors to get instant answers from your website.

Frase’s answer engine is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that crawls your website to generate an intelligent knowledge base and answers your users’ questions.

The chatbox responds to your audience’s questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It even keeps itself up to date by retrieving your website once a week.

Frase Integrations

Frase has been strengthened by directly integrating essential software that can aid SEO and content marketing.

Integration with Google Docs

You can now use Google Docs with your Frase account if you enjoy using them.

When you enable the Google docs add-on, which is a chrome extension, you will gain access to additional features in Google docs.

Google Search Console

This integration has aided in identifying traffic and growth opportunities by utilizing insights from Search Console and Frase’s A.I. algorithm.

Google Search Console can be integrated with There’s no need to switch between tabs to complete a simple task.

This is since aggregates data from Google Search Console and site-wide content analytics in one place.


With a WordPress blog or website, you can publish your Frase content and articles within your Frase account with a few clicks.


If you have a Hubspot account, you can also link it to your Frase account.

Content Editor

Forget about creating content and then editing it manually or with multiple tools. allows you to do it in a matter of minutes and in one location.

Do you not believe it? Could you test it out for yourself?

The user-friendly content editor includes all of the features found in top word processors. Editing is now a piece of cake.

Free Generator Tools provides a few free A.I. generator tools to assist you with your content. Among the generators are:

  • Generate a blog title
  • Generate a slogan
  • Generate a summary or introduction
  • Generator of Meta Descriptions or Product Descriptions

Fraise IO Pricing:’s pricing policy will be ideal for you.

Do you want to know how?

Any plan comes with a 5-day money-back guarantee.

It provides three plans, which are as follows:


  • $44.99 per month, $39.99 per year
  • It is ideal for individuals and teams carrying out an SEO content strategy.
  • This plan is for a single user.
  • You will receive 30 document credits.


  • $114.99 per month, $99.99 annually
  • This strategy is ideal for groups and organizations.
  • This plan includes three user seats ($25/month per additional seat).
  • Obtain unlimited document credits.


  • Price is negotiable
  • This plan is ideal for large teams that require flexibility and personalized services.
  • Obtain access to an unlimited number of users
  • Obtain limitless document credits

Fraise IO Pros And Cons:


  • The support team welcomes user feedback and responds quickly.
  • The A.I. content writing tool is simple and suitable for beginners.
  • The official website provides a crash course for all beginners. Furthermore, existing users who want to learn more about the software, in general, can take this course.
  • To help you learn faster, organizes live weekly training sessions.


  • lacks a plagiarism checker, which means that even if you purchase a paid version, you will miss out on one of the most important features of content writing.
  • The A.I. writer and search engine optimization can take some time.
  • There isn’t a lot of traffic.
  • keyword suggestions are only sometimes accurate.


The best part about Frase is how simple it is to create engaging content.

Frase may be right up your alley if you’re looking for a solution to automate your content creation process.

It’s simple to get up and run. You’ll be ready to create unique content in just a few minutes of setup.

You can use the software’s A.I. capabilities to have it write content for you. is an excellent resource for content marketers, writers, bloggers, and small business owners.

Although Frase has some flaws, particularly in the natural language processing of its writing A.I., the software is still in its early stages. Nonetheless, it is sure to improve along the way.

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