How To Start A YouTube Automation Channel [Under $200/ Month]

If you are wondering about the title of this video, then hear this, YES!

You can automate your YouTube content for under $200 a month.

If you cannot write your own script or can’t afford to hire a writer, you can go for software that can generate scripts using AI. For the completion of the video, you would also require tools for voiceovers and transcriptions.

Some tools offer a text-to-speech conversion using an inbuilt voice like Siri or Alexa. All you have to do is input the text and voilà! You get the audio to your script. Finally, you would need a good video editor to develop a perfect YouTube video.

This video is about the best tools to help you create exceptional content for your YouTube automation channel.

Read until the end to learn the best way to create content through AI tools.

Let’s get started!

Copy Ai:

First of all, let’s talk about one of the most exquisite writing tools on the internet: Copy. AI.

With, there is a free limited version or a $49 per month subscription. This tool helps you generate scripts from an outline or template.

The most important part of the video is the first 30 seconds of your video, and for that, you need an engaging script. A script outlines the concept behind your video in written form, so it has to appeal to your potential audience.

A script also focuses on the direction and strategy for your YouTube channel, so the importance of a script can not be overemphasized.

You have two options; either outsource the script writing to a freelancer or use AI to generate the script automatically. This is where comes in. It is a copywriting tool that uses GPT-3 technology to generate digital content.

It can automatically generate website copies, blog content, sales copy, and digital ad copy, amongst other types of content.

How To Use Copy Ai:

So, how to get started with copy AI? 

Well for starters, you need to Log on to the site,, and sign up for a new account.

Later, create a new project. Search for YouTube in the sidebar because you create a script for YouTube content. You will find a couple of tools for YouTube video creation.

Select the YouTube description intro tool. Of course, there are other templates you could use for other categories.

Type in the title of your video and give a short description of the content you are hoping for or what you want your video to be about.

Afterward, click on create copy and wait a few minutes while the AI tool generates a few description scenarios. You are supposed to choose the one that is mostly in line with what you want to portray in your video. So it’s that easy!

Also, ensure that before you type in your title and description, it is precise and clear or else, will give you a lot of irrelevant results.

Your input should be between 800 to 1000 characters long for optimal results.

Are you worried about the Quality of the output generated by Copy AI?

According to some reviews of the users, inputting the right requirements into the interface sometimes results in really catchy content.

At other times, it is a shoot-and-miss.

In short, is not reliable all of the time. However, with some proofreading and revising, the content produced by Copy. AI, you might end up getting precisely what you want.

Some people never use AI tools thinking it would be tough. This is not the case with Copy.AI at all. has a user interface that is simple looking and easy to navigate.

The text options can be quickly found on the left side of the screen. The sections are arranged according to the user’s industry.

You can also change the language to your preferred one. Also, your previous projects can be found in the top left corner for reference. 

At first, the number of templates offers can be intimidating but with time, you learn to zero in on what you want.

Moreover, if you want long-form content such as articles, you might want to consider other options because, honestly? is not that good when it comes to long-form content. 


The next step in your journey to making a great YouTube video is focusing on your script narration to go with the visuals. It involves some voiceover work and a little background music, if necessary.

Descript is the perfect tool to achieve this. It is better than other tools in terms of quality and the resources it offers. There are simply no alternatives.

It offers an audio word processing platform that is as easy to use as a typical word processor.

Descript provides podcast and audio editing software to make the work of editors and producers easier.

Moreover, descript users can also use the overdub feature available on the platform. This allows editors to edit audio tracks using their own voice on top of the standard transcription voice provided by Descript.

Also, descript is as easy as dragging and dropping text within the audio timeline.

The Descript UI can also help with transcription; according to them, it is nearly 100% accurate.

The available subscription plans for Descript include a free plan with limited access.

It also includes a creator plan for $12 per month and a monthly pro plan for $24. Both come with incremental levels of access.

A custom plan can also be bought depending on the user’s needs.


Pictory is essential if you want to create eye-catching videos to attract viewers. You want your videos to be alluring, like a good advertisement on TV.

Also, you don’t want your videos to look unprofessional as if a teenager woke up and put some clips together and put it online.

You need to get the best clips possible and put them in perfect order. This is where Pictory can help you. It is an affordable way to create high-quality videos using cloud-based AI, thus bypassing the use of high-grade equipment or industry professional editing tools.

It is a video-processing tool for a regular guy such as you or even me.

Pictory basically works by converting scripts and long-form content into stimulating visuals.

There are also built-in voiceover artists to help with the audio aspects.

You simply have to plug in the URL of your post and let Pictory do its thing.

But how exactly does Pictory process everything?

  • Pictory will scan your post for the most relevant parts and then it allows you to preview the content before it goes on to create the video.
  • Pictory will allow you to preview the Storyboard generated from the previously generated script. It also pulls pictures from its massive collection to help tell your story. You can edit this Storyboard and include your own images if you like.
  • Pictory allows for the addition of music and Voiceover. The voice could be yours or that of an inbuilt voiceover artist.
  •  Pictory allows you to brand your video as you see fit with new fonts and colors. Afterward, you can preview the entire thing, and if you’re satisfied, you can download it in MP4 format.

Pictory pricing plans include a free trial that allows you to create up to 3 videos that can be 10 minutes long.

There is also a standard plan for $23 per month and a premium plan for $48 per month.

You can visit their website if you are interested in finding out more about this tool.


Now, you have all the tools at your disposal and have no excuse to start producing content.

Create an engaging script with At first, it might seem illogical to create a script through AI tools because it may create irrelevant and off-topic content.

However, with a little revision and tweaks, you can create a perfect script and convert a perfect voiceover tool through Descript.

Later, create a high-quality video through Pictory, and all these tools barely add up to $200, as promised.

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