How To Write Articles in Seconds With Ai [Copy Ai, Article Forge]

The quality of an article derives traffic to your website.

You need to write quality content to drive traffic to your website, keep your readers engaged, and stand out from the competition. Simply put, you need quality content to make money.

Writing high-quality content can be difficult, especially if you are under a deadline or having difficulty generating ideas.

This problem is solved with the introduction of AI writing tools. It eases the content creation process for the writers.

Read until the end to find out the best online Ai Writing tool.

An AI writing tool can generate any form of content for you.

These tools feature many templates that can be used for writing articles, blog posts, sales copy, emails, and more.

These tools come with different options; for example, one can be an expert at writing sales copy, while the other can produce articles.

So, the best option out of all the writing tools would be the one with exceptional features.

Now, let us compare four Ai writing tools, and this comparison will definitely serve as a guide for choosing the best one for you.

Let’s get started!

Copy Ai

This AI writing software was introduced in 2020 by two entrepreneurship freaks, and since then, it has been a great helper to many content creators. is a writing software that uses GPT-3 and deep learning to create high-quality, engaging business content.

As its name suggests, is mainly used for creating sales copy, but it can be used for other forms of content, such as blog posts, landing page text, and social media content. This feature gives an upper hand over most AI writing tools. It is an efficient tool for digital marketers, email marketers, freelance writers, and businesses.

With over 90 templates, has many incredible features. It generates blog introductions, Meta descriptions, Tiktok viral ideas, and Landing page text.

Not only this, it also offers a content template for cover letters, business plans, real estate listings, and reference letters. It supports 25 languages.

Another advantage of this AI tool is its simplicity. Even an internet novice can access it.

Go to your laptop or desktop browser to access the software and sign up on using your Google, Email, or Facebook account.

After signing up, you will receive a confirmation mail, and by clicking on the mail, you will be redirected to the website. As a first-time user, you will receive 100 credits. Each credit can be used for a single check where will produce ten suggestions.

These suggestions will be on the left side of the website, select the one that suits your need and provide your company name and the product description.

Then, click on create a copy. After using the credits, you will need to switch to the paid plan to continue using the software. paid plans are categorized into the pro plan, where you get unlimited writing for $35 per month and the custom plan. 

It also includes a text editor feature that provides creativity. The editor is a bit similar to Google Docs, and you don’t need to keep swapping in and out of windows to use it; it can be used while using

No matter how good a thing is, there are bound to be some limitations on its part. One of the limitations of is the inability to write long-form content.

Due to its random repetition of paragraphs, isn’t the best option for long-form content such as articles.

Article Forge

Article Forge is a bit older than, It was created in 2015. This AI-powered content generator tool produces plagiarism-free, SEO-optimized articles at one click.

It uses Artificial intelligence and deep learning to write content by obtaining information on a given topic from a couple of websites, analyzing the content, and rewriting it in its language.

Unlike, Article Forge can be used for creating long-form content. Its most recent update is designed to handle long-form articles of up to 1,500 words. As its name implies, Article Forge is mostly used for writing articles, so it’s the best tool for freelance writers and bloggers.

However, business owners and digital marketers can also use this writing software.

Article Forge has many excellent features that will help produce relevant and high-quality content.

The features include generating an accurate and relevant title for your article within 60 seconds.

Also, there is a feature to automatically insert internal and external links to your content.

It uses LSI keywords to ensure your content isn’t off-topic plus interesting. Article Forge supports seven different languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, and French.

It also has an excellent API that enables integration with third-party software such as SEO Autopilot, Cyber SEO, GSA search engine, and more.

Not only this, but you can also post directly from the Article Forge to your WordPress blog with the WordPress post scheduler.

In addition, you can export completed articles in HTML and TXT forms.

Article Forge pricing plans aren’t outrageous.

The basic plan is $27 per month for up to 40,000 words, non-plagiarized content, API access, Bulk article generation, and automatic posting to WordPress blogs.

The second plan is the standard plan, which costs $57 per month for up to 250,000 words and all the basic plan features.

Moreover, it offers an unlimited plan for $117 monthly for 250,000+ words and all the basic plan features. Before all these plans, there is a 5-day trial you can use to know the efficiency of the software.

Everybody has their own choices, and if you aren’t satisfied with the software, you can demand a full refund.

Their refund system is top-notch as they offer a no-questions refund subject to you using the software for generating 10 copies.


This AI-powered copywriting software helps marketers grow their businesses by tailoring their content to their ideal audience.

It helps marketers and businesses increase conversion rates and audiences. The features of Anyword include text personalization, original text suggestion, preset keyword library, predictive performance score, and custom keywords, among others.

The software helps businesses increase traffic and conversions with its precise prediction model for AI copywriting.

Users can use Anyword’s Predictive Performance Score in A/B testing to predict the impact of keywords on a product’s sales.

Additionally, this saves time and resources while lowering the cost of testing.

Anyword can be used by different professionals, including freelance writers, digital marketers, and email marketers.

It creates sales copy, blog posts, landing page text, email subject lines, and SMS. Currently, the English language is the only supported language of the platform.

Anyword pricing plans are divided into three plans. First of all, it includes a free plan for 1000 free words, which starts at $99 per month for 30,000 words monthly, email subject lines, blog post outlines, and marketing text for introduction paragraphs.

The predictive performance function isn’t included. However, you can pay more to increase your word count. To do this, go to the account setting menu, and click on ‘USAGE’.

There is also the data-driven unlimited plan, which starts at $239 per month. It has all the basic plan features, predictive performance, unlimited words, multiple seats, building on the tone from your previous ad, and continuous optimization for sales copy, landing pages, and email. 


Similar to, Copymatic is an Ai-powered writing tool that uses GPT-3 to generate new words based on a given topic.

As an AI tool, Copymatic enables you to produce compelling content, SEO-optimized blog posts, and engaging copy to serve your various content needs.

With over 50+ templates, Copymatic can generate virtually any content. This content includes product descriptions, long-form blog posts, answers to questions on Quora, and sales copy using copywriting frameworks like AIDA, SEO meta descriptions, video scripts, social media posts, emails, and more.

Copymatic can also be used as an Article rewriter. Its pricing plans are pretty affordable and divided into two, a starter plan at $29 per month and a pro plan at $49 per month.


Out of all these AI writing tool options, proves to be the best, boasting over 90 templates and 25 languages.

With the wide availability of templates and other benefits, users can create any content they want, unlike others whose templates are limited. 

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