I Spent $997 On a YouTube Automation Course

I saw an ad by an “online guru,” who told me that I could start a youtube automation channel and make $10,000 a month from my computer and that anyone could learn how to do it.

And this was, of course, pretty interesting.

I didn’t buy it right away because, like many of you, I needed to figure out how real this opportunity was.

And finally, I decided to take that YouTube Automation Course.

This post explains what that course is and how I took it.

Let’s find out,

It’s not a secret that you can make money with YouTube. Some of the wealthiest people on the Internet are rich because of YouTube.

If you want to make money on YouTube without spending any money on YouTube ads, the YouTube Automation YTA Method is just what you need.

In these new and uncertain times, having more than one way to make money doesn’t hurt.

Even better would be if making money took little time and work.

During these challenging times, you should stay home and learn how to make more money.

I’ll discuss the YouTube Automation Method course’s features in this review.

Then you can decide if you want to try it or not.

What is the Tube Mastery & Monetization?

The YouTube Automation Method is a step-by-step course that shows you how to make money with YouTube automation.

More than $5 billion is paid annually to YouTube members who post videos.

There is a lot of money there, and you can also get some of it. YouTube is an excellent way to make money.

You don’t even have to go through a lot of stress or know a lot about technology.

The YTA Method is an excellent method that has worked well over the years, and many people can attest to its benefits.

Users of the YTA Method love it because it helps them make money in more than one way.

In the program, you will learn everything you need to know to copy other people’s successes and start making money as soon as possible.

There are different parts of this method. These include: 

OPC Hack

This part shows you how to make sure your content goes viral. You make more money if your video or animation goes viral.

The YTA Method gives you a reliable way to take over your niche, no matter what it is. It’s a simple method that works well and doesn’t depend on luck or anything. Using other people’s channels, you wouldn’t even have to shoot a video yourself to make viral videos and make a lot of money.


This part of the YTA Method will show you how to make more of what you’ve already done well.

So, you not only have a video that goes viral, but you also have the tools to make a lot more like it. Just think about that!

You stay at home, and money comes to you. You don’t even have to do anything with this method.

You can hire someone else to do it and make your channel a money-making machine.

Who made the "YouTube Automation Course"?

Matt Par, 19 years old, is an entrepreneur who makes money on YouTube.

He runs nine different channels, each of which has completely different content.

He got the gold play button from YouTube because one of his channels has more than 1 million subscribers. He also got multiple silver play buttons because several of his other channels have more than 100,000 subscribers.

Matt was able to be so successful at such a young age because he worked very hard at what he did. Par thinks that the best way to learn is to teach yourself. That’s why he’s putting out his training course that shows how he starts and grows profitable YouTube channels from scratch.

Let’s get to the point and talk about what’s in Matt Par’s YouTube Automation course.

How Does YouTube Automation Work?

For this review to make sense, you must understand how the program works and how it tricks the system to help you make a lot of money without doing much work.

It’s not a secret that YouTube makes a lot of money. Some of the wealthiest people on the Internet got rich because of YouTube.

With each video that is uploaded, money can be made.

You need people to subscribe to your channel and watch your videos. YouTube pays you more money if your video gets more views.

Now, YTA Method makes the system and your channel work independently. This method allows viral videos to be regularly uploaded to your channel, even though you didn’t make them.

The YouTube Automation Method deals with your YouTube channels.

So how does it work?

Let us see.

You will need to take a few steps, and these steps will help you make money on YouTube.

The first step is to choose a YouTube channel to work with. Now, this channel can have different names and look different.

The most important thing is that the channel has a lot of viewers and makes a lot of money. Once you’ve found a channel you like, the next step is making a copy.

You can still copy everything about the channel, from its name to its logo. The most important thing is that you both fill the same niche. Now that you’ve done this, you need to get to work. Use a virtual team to do a single job.

What does that mean?

Well, their job is to make YouTube videos with the same title or something similar, thumbnails, and videos that look like the ones on the channel you copied.

Once you’ve done these things, you can sit back and watch the money. All this is done without you having to make a video or talk into a microphone.

All of the videos on your new page will make you money.

Rinse and repeat if you want to make more money. Look for another channel to copy and follow the steps above to start making money for yourself without doing anything.

Is this going to work?

How well does the YouTube Automation Method work?

Many people have asked this question, and the answer is a resounding yes to all of them.

Once you let the YTA Method run its course, you can make money without doing anything.

To do well at something, you need to be well-trained.

So, that’s what the YTA Method gives you. In the past, it took a lot of work to make a viral video.

But you can do only some of what works with this program.

You can earn passive income without problems if you learn to outsource to a trained team.

Benefits of the YouTube Automation Course:

The YTA Method has several advantages. Let’s take a look.

The program is straightforward to stick to.

As I already said, this program is set up to make things easy for you. All the steps you need to take are laid out clearly, so anyone can do them.

Even if you know almost nothing about YouTube and its technical aspects, you can still learn from the program and make money. 

Analysis by experts:

Unlike some other programs, which are written by people who want to make a quick buck without really teaching anything, the YTA Method is written by experts in the field.

The people who made it are smart and know what they are doing.

You save time:

With the YTA Method, you can avoid stumbling around in the dark to figure out how to solve your problems.

Even though you may be new, you don’t have to go through the same mistakes that others have made.

This program will save you a lot of time and keep you from getting upset.

How to get started with the YouTube Automation Method?

You don’t need to know anything else before you can use this program. The tools you need to know how to use are simple.

Since this program is online, you will need a smartphone or laptop with Internet access.

Once that is ready, sign up for the training class and get ready for the real deal. 

What makes the YTA Method unique?

What makes YTA Method different from the other programs that claim to have figured out how to make easy money on YouTube?

Well, there are a few things that make this program different.

  • Matt Par has a lot of contacts in the business world and comes highly recommended. Working in the industry gives the coach a significant advantage because they know what makes YouTube work.
  • There are prominent examples of success. Matt Par also has nine successful YouTube channels bringing him money daily.
  • You don’t need any experience to use the YTA Method. Everything is explained well and is easy to do.


You can make a lot of money on YouTube. The YTA Method is what you need to make money on YouTube without spending any money on YouTube ads.

It can be depressing when the economy is terrible, but it helps to have another source of income that will keep you going during this time and even after everything is better.

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