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My Story: Battling Self Doubt to Blogging Success.

My name is Adam Enfroy and this is my blog.

I started this blog as a side project back in 2019 and it quickly became one of the fastest-growing blogging businesses ever created. This blog made over $1 million in under two years with zero dollars spent on advertising.

EntrepreneurBusiness Insider, and even Forbes took notice.

I now teach my 500,000 monthly readers and 70,000+ blogging students how to start profitable blogs (subscribe to my new YouTube channel).

AdamEnfroy.com is also one of the world’s top software review sites, specializing in acquiring targeted traffic for the world’s largest software companies. With an 8-year career in digital marketing, my team and I have used every software tool under the sun. From managing teams to being a Digital Marketing Director, I am one of the top personal brands in the software world today.

However, it was a long road to get where I am today.

Throughout my life, I always tried to start online businesses, but perfectionism and self-doubt made me quit every time.

Here’s how it went:

I start something and meticulously plan every detail behind my computer. I spend countless hours on branding, web design, logo creation, forms, social media profiles – probably even creating LLCs and opening bank accounts.

Everything had to be perfect before launch. Months of planning and making things perfect so that I had enough confidence to share it with friends – my ways to keep things safe while avoiding rejection and failure.

And when I finally did launch, I’d tell friends and family so they could look at my amazing new, (soon-to-be-unsuccessful) online business.

While sharing your new online business ideas with friends and family may seem like a way to hold you accountable, it backfires almost every time.

It’s pure psychology: when you share your new entrepreneurial identity, you start to believe people think that’s who you are. This newfound status achieves part of your new identity goal, you feel good about yourself before even getting started, and you’re less likely to succeed.

Next, when it finally came time to market myself in the real world, self-doubt took over.

I wouldn’t see immediate results, get discouraged, stay behind my computer, and quit – every time. I never gave it my all. I stayed in a safe, predictable bubble, trying to distance my personality from my business.

If I didn’t put my face to it, it wouldn’t matter when I quit, I thought.

This blog is the first time it worked. Here are my theories why: 

  1. I learned enough about myself (and in my digital marketing career) to make it work.
  2. I launched without worrying about things being perfect.
  3. This blog is under my name, putting my personal brand at the forefront.
  4. I didn’t tell any friends or family about it until I was making over $20,000/month.

Most people who write “About Me” pages focus on how awesome they are and list all of their professional accomplishments.

Don’t get me wrong – I like a success story.

But even more than a success story, I like the story of the person who fucks their life up and then gets it back together.

So here’s my story – I hope it gives you an idea of who I really am.

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