PhantomBuster Review – Powerful Lead Generation Software

Lead generation is integral to any business, but it is difficult and time-consuming.

But what if you could automate the process with a tool?

Yes, you can use automated actions provided by the software to automate your lead generation strategy.

Today, more than 51% of businesses use marketing automation tools, and this percentage is growing.

What is PhantomBuster?

PhantomBuster is a cloud-based data extraction software that helps organisations automate sales and marketing operations by collecting critical data from internet platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others.

Users can use the software to store all data in the cloud in CSV and JSON formats.

How Does PhantomBuster Work?

Phantombuster is a robust automation tool that allows you to automate everything on the internet.

A Phantom is a helpful creature that performs an automated task on your behalf.

It takes an input, processes it, and returns an output file containing data or a summary of what was done.

Everything sounds great, but how does it work? Phantombuster is composed of several Actions.

Phantombuster will search the web or social media for specific data to perform an Action on when you create one. F

or example, if your Action were to “scrape the names and emails from a list of websites,” the phantom would do just that.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg regarding what you can do with this tool. Many social media and network platforms have Phantoms available.

Because they perform the same function, you should be able to use them with any social media or network account.

Depending on your requirements, they provide a variety of “phantoms.”

You can perform specific actions on these phantoms, such as scraping information from websites, automating social media, and generating leads.”

You must decide which is best for your company and launch the phantom.

The best thing about phantombuster over other automating tools is how simple it is to use. In a matter of minutes, anyone can learn how to set up powerful automation.

PhantomBuster Key Features:

Investing in high-performance tools should be a top priority if your company’s goal is to generate leads and revenue. Phantombuster’s features are valuable assets.

Phantombuster API

In addition to all of the magical no-code tools, Phantombuster provides access to the Phantombuster API, which gives you complete control over your account.

You should have no trouble setting it up if you are a developer. You’ll start receiving responses quickly.

So, what can you do with the Phantombuster API?

Here are a few examples of its capabilities:

  • Phantom agents can be launched and terminated whenever and wherever they want.
  • Make and change scripts.
  • Receive real-time console output, status reports, and agent messages.
  • Extract user account, agent, and even script records.

Lead data collection

The primary goal of a business is to sell. The condition, however, is to collect leads.

The commercial team will close some of them. 85% of B2B prospecting experts prioritize lead generation.

The Phantombuster teams recognized this and developed a product capable of extracting a wide range of information from LinkedIn.

We discover, in particular:

  • Leads from your Sales Navigator account can be exported.
  • Export data from people who liked a post. Attendees at an event

These are beneficial features, but the best LinkedIn prospecting tools share them.

Phantombuster Linkedin Tools

The many Phantombuster LinkedIn tools are comprehensive and robust, as one of Phantombuster’s core specialties.

There are 45 Phantombuster LinkedIn tools (Phantoms) to choose from!

Your options range from LinkedIn Search Exports and Profile Scrapers to LinkedIn Message Senders and Network Boosters.

You can also use ready-made workflows to expand your network, extract user emails from search results, and more.

Because LinkedIn is an excellent platform for expanding your professional network and, more importantly, generating leads, Phantombuster can assist you in various ways.

Here are a few of the most effective Phantombuster LinkedIn tools:

Phantombuster LinkedIn Message Sender

  • With this Phantom, you can automatically send messages to your network without using any code.

Phantombuster LinkedIn Group Members

  • With this great Phantom, you can extract up to 2500 members from a LinkedIn group.

Phantombuster LinkedIn Auto Liker

  • This Phantom allows you to automatically like a list of LinkedIn posts.

Remember that you can group a few Phantoms, create a workflow, and then get the extracted data directly in the format you require.

Social Media Automation

In addition to Linkedin, you can automate various activities on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Among this automation are:

  • Follow and unfollow social media accounts automatically
  • The most recent posts from a specific hashtag are extracted.
  • Comment on a list of posts automatically.
  • Like a list of social media profiles automatically
  • Extract a list of people who have liked, commented on, or viewed your content, among other things.

Sales Navigator

Phantombuster has a unique “Sales Navigator” feature that allows for more extensive search options across multiple platforms.

For example, the LinkedIn search bar allows you to search by keywords, school, location, and other simple metrics, whereas the Sales Navigator allows you to go into greater detail.

You’ll be able to scrape search results based on seniority level, industry, geography, current position years, and other factors.

There are 15 sales navigator Phantoms available in the Phantoms store, so take a quick look to learn more about their capabilities.


Phantombuster has ready-made workflows that are common and high-value for growth hackers who are new to the tool.

You have your work cut out for you.

What exactly are Phantombuster Workflows?

In a nutshell, Workflows are a collection of Phantoms that have been combined to produce better results.

Let’s look at some examples to help clarify.

Expand Your LinkedIn Network

  • This is a hybrid of two Phantoms. One of them extracts a list of LinkedIn users who are associated with a specific search or group. The other one connects with them automatically.

Phantombuster has Phantoms and Workflows that work with Google Maps Search to Contact Data.

This allows you to collect email addresses, phone numbers, and social media links from a Google Maps search result.

Instagram Hashtag Search to Post Engagement

  • With this Phantombuster workflow, you can reach out to your audience by using specific hashtags. It automatically comments on the top posts of the hashtags you enter, increasing your chances of being discovered by your target audience.

Phantombuster includes 11 pre-configured workflows from which to choose.

If necessary, you can always make your own.


If you enjoy using Chrome extensions, you’ll appreciate Phantombuster and its capabilities. If you want to get the most out of Phantombuster as a growth hacker, using the Phantombuster extension is a good idea. Why? It can make Phantombuster easier to use by allowing you to retrieve your session cookies.

Who is Phantombuster For?

Phantombuster works with a phantom system. Each phantom represents an API.

This parameter primarily influences the tool’s price as the primary added value. More than traditional sales automation, the phantom system promotes growth hacking.

Although the tool allows you to send personalized messages to prospects and track their progress through the funnel, it is primarily aimed at growth hackers.

Developers, who can exploit and develop APIs, are another target.

Because Phantombuster includes over 200 automation and extraction tools, marketing teams or decision-makers can combine them to create a new workflow that meets business needs, such as generating leads or growing the community.

Phantombuster Pricing?

Phantombuster is one of the most expensive no-code automation tools. But don’t worry, it’ll be well worth it.

Phantombuster pricing is an integral part of this Phantombuster review, so let’s get right into it and see how much this fantastic tool will cost you.

Phantombuster Free Trial

Knowing whether you’ll get a lot of use out of a tool is critical before spending your hard-earned money on it.

So, is Phantombuster available for free?

Fortunately, the answer is yes!

You can get 14 days of free access without even entering your credit card information.

The trial grants you access to 5 Phantom slots of your choice, which you must use within 2 hours of the execution time.

Phantombuster has three different pricing plans that can be purchased monthly or yearly.

If you pay for the entire year, you will save 16%.

Let’s look at these packages and see which Phantombuster pricing plan is best for you.

Starter Package

If you are new to the “world of automation” and want to expand your lead generation strategies, the Starter package is for you.

As with the Free Trial, you will be given 5 slots for 5 Phantoms.

In contrast to the Free Trial, this package includes 20 hours of execution time per month. Each month, you are given 500 email credits.

All of this comes at a monthly cost of $50 if billed annually. It will cost you $59 if billed monthly.

Pro Package

The Pro package is better suited for businesses that want to improve their processes and grow faster.

It’s said to be their most popular offering.

If paid annually, this package costs $117 per month.

If you want to pay monthly, it will cost you $139.

Team Package

Finally, the Team package from Phantombuster is the most comprehensive.

It grants you 50 Phantom slots with 300 hours of extraction time.

If paid annually, the Team package costs $335 per month. If you pay monthly, it will cost you $399 per month.

Phantombuster Pros and Cons:


  • Practical social media growth hacking tools
  • No-code data extraction from the web’s 20 most popular platforms. Includes pre-built workflows for a more straightforward setup.
  • Follows platform rules and regulations
  • Excellent LinkedIn growth tools


  • There is no free account.
  • Setting up Phantoms has a learning curve due to the limited number of tutorial videos available.


Phantombuster is, without a doubt, one of the best no-code automation and data extraction tools available.

It allows growth hackers who need to learn how to code scraping tools to collect all the social media data they may require.

The platform also adheres to the rules and regulations of each social media site, ensuring that your account is safe from harm.

There are dozens of Phantoms on the web for over 19 platforms, allowing data extraction and account engagement.

Furthermore, these Phantoms can be combined into workflows to provide you with the most value. Phantombuster’s pricing ranges from $50 to $335, indicating a favourable cost-benefit ratio.

We recommend adding Phantombuster to your marketing toolkit if your budget allows it.

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