Stripo Review – Best Email Marketing Builder

Email is one of the most popular modes of communication, and if you send a large number of emails every week, typing each one can be time-consuming and tedious.

Email marketing is still very much alive.

There is no reason to disagree with this statement. Email campaigns continue to outperform all other channels in terms of ROI.

So it’s no surprise that businesses of all sizes and industries are investing heavily in email marketing.

Believe it or not, the appearance of your email campaigns is just as important as the content you send. A perfect marketing email should look great on all platforms and devices.

It should also emphasize your distinct brand style. Only if your email meets these criteria will it be able to engage potential clients and persuade them to stay with you.

Fortunately, specialized services make it simple to create an email template.

What is Stripo?

Stripo is an email template editor that allows users with no HTML experience to create professional-looking and responsive email templates for their businesses.

Stripo email templates are optimized for any platform, whether desktop or mobile.

Any change can be easily implemented on mobile templates. A wide range of people uses Stripo. Stripo, for example, is widely used by design firms and freelancers who create email templates for their clients.

Other agencies use Stripo to design and execute email marketing campaigns for their clients.

Furthermore, before sending emails to email automation systems, you can test, share, remark, and get approval from colleagues and clients.

How Does Stripo Work?

Using Stripo to create email templates is quick, easy, and intuitive.

You can also save premade modules, elements, and designs across multiple campaigns in the editor.

Stripo integrates with over 60 ESPs and CRMs, including Campaign Monitor, HubSpot, Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, and many more.

With a few simple clicks, you can put your marketing on autopilot. The platform includes over 1000 pre-designed email templates.

It also has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop email editor that allows you to customize templates and tailor them to your needs.

Stripo also allows you to merge tags, access an extensive library of stock images, create custom blocks, and much more.

Users can use the tool’s features to start creating email templates for free and with no time constraints.

Who Can Use Stripo?

Stripo will be helpful to anyone who is in the process of creating emails. Marketers, agencies, and businesses that want to maximize their marketing efforts can use it.

It works with all email clients, including Gmail and Outlook. Stripo can, of course, be used for personal correspondence as well.

It will also be helpful for freelancers who constantly contact their customers and want to personalize their emails.

Stripo Key Features:

Email Templates

Stripo provides you with access to an extensive library of responsive email templates. There are over 1050 well-designed templates that you can quickly and easily tailor to your needs.

Sorting is available; you can browse them by type, season, feature, or industry. Any of them can be personalized and used in future marketing campaigns.

Modules Library

Stripo makes creating emails with unique individual elements possible 16 times faster.

This work can be used as a collection of elements in your projects. Each template includes modules that you can add or change.

Of course, you can choose from various pre-built modules or combine elements from your projects into modules to reuse later.

If you’re a coder and want to fine-tune your design, you can inspect the HTML and CSS of your email template and make changes as needed.

Using Stripo’s content modules, you can easily create HTML emails. Using the tool’s Modules Library feature, you can design different interactive elements once and reuse them across multiple email campaigns.

HTML & CSS Code Editor

In addition to the Drag-and-Drop email builder, Stripo includes an HTML and CSS code editor.

With its Drag-and-Drop builder, you can create new emails from scratch or edit and customize existing ones. Furthermore, you can use D-n-D and HTML & CSS code editors simultaneously and see the progress of your work in real-time.

Stripo includes a code editor to create great HTML emails from scratch and a handy drag-and-drop template builder.

Mobile-Optimized by Default

Customers and potential clients are always on the go, so they read their emails on their smartphones and tablets. Stripo email templates are built to be compatible with any mobile platform.

That means when your email recipients open and read your emails on their mobile devices; they are just as responsive and intuitive as if they were read on a desktop.

The experience is consistent, allowing your recipients to interact and respond positively.

Export Options

Stripo also allows you to export templates directly with a single click. You can save your emails in various formats (PDF, HTML, or image files) and export them directly to Gmail or Outlook to send them to your leads immediately.

AMP for Email

Using Stripo’s email body generator, which requires little to no coding, you can create real-time and dynamic content to make emails relevant to clients’ demands and achieve a new level of email gamification to improve user engagement.

The AMP feature can help you increase user engagement and create more valuable and appealing letters.

Brand Guidelines

Stripo enables businesses to take their email production to the next level by storing various brand designs, styles, and other assets in a single location.

Use this feature to maintain a consistent brand style across all emails without spending extra time on design.

Email editor

The email editor is Stripo’s most powerful feature. This is where you can customize your preferred email template from Stripo’s email template library.

Stripo’s editor allows you to select from various elements that are only sometimes available in email marketing platforms.

Modules, which are essentially customized pre-built blocks that you can drag and drop into place, are also available.

The editor is highly modern and user-friendly.

The email editor provides an excellent user experience for anyone serious about designing emails.

 Stripo Translation

If you are running international email marketing campaigns, you may need to translate your emails into different languages, and Stripo can assist you with this.

Make it easier for proofreaders to examine translations in a context in email templates to improve the user experience.

Email Annotations Builder

Stripo includes a handy Gmail annotations generator. With this feature, you can show your recipient’s product images, sale start/end dates, and promo codes before they open your emails.

Stripo Key Pricing:

Stripo Pricing

Stripo has five different pricing tiers:


The plan is perfect for getting started with this all-in-one email design platform. The $0 Lifetime plan is entirely free.

It’s ideal for people who want to try out this email editor for free and get a feel for the next-generation email builder.

It provides you with free email templates as well as full access to the Modules library.

The disadvantage is that you can only export four times per month.


The basic plan, which costs $150 per year and $12.5 per month, is designed for those who only need emails for personal transactions and can assist you in speeding up your email production.

You will have access to premium templates and the ability to use custom fonts.


The Medium plan costs $37.5/month or $450/year. It’s ideal for freelancers and marketing teams working on small orders for a small number of clients.

They can earn more money by producing high-quality emails faster.

This plan includes access for two additional users at the same time, as well as 300 exports per month.


Professional agencies can use its editor’s advanced abilities without limitations with the Pro plan, which costs $950 per year and $79 per month.

You can add teammates to your account, each with its permissions and roles.

You can add up to nine additional users and unlimited exports and projects.

If you purchase this pro plan, you will receive Telephonic customer service.

Prime plan

Enterprises can take advantage of personalized pricing for unlimited opportunities and individual training for their teams.

It’s ideal for large businesses, and each account can have up to 100 users.

Unlimited users and up to 50 email client tests are included.

Stripo Pros and Cons:


  • There are numerous excellent free letter templates available in one location.
  • Without HTML knowledge, you can quickly create professional and responsive email layouts.
  • A collection of email marketing blogs and a weekly updated library of free pre-designed email templates
  • Stripo API can be integrated with a variety of other tools. You can use this email editor with various Stripo integrations, such as Outlook, Gmail, and others.
  • There is a free lifetime plan available.


  • The free plan for individual email clients is somewhat limited in features.
  • While creating email templates is limitless, some export restrictions exist.
  • The email template builder only allows you to customize some aspects of your email. You cannot, for example, change the height of lines.


We strongly recommend it for businesses because it contains all of the components that an email marketing team requires. Stripo is quite good in comparison to many other similar tools.

It is tailored to meet the specific needs of different users due to the various pricing plans. It includes an extensive library of awesome templates.

Stripo is an excellent solution if you work as a freelancer, for a design agency, or for a large company that frequently creates email templates.

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