Tube Mastery And Monetization 3.0 Review – Matt Par

Who doesn’t desire money?

And nothing beats knowing how to make a lot of money when you know the secret.

Consider making money while you sleep by creating faceless YouTube videos.

Or travelling the world and living in a different place every year…

Isn’t it exciting

Hello everyone, today we have the most requested topic of all time. Earn money.

Matt is in charge of YouTube automation. If you’ve always wanted to make money on YouTube but avoid getting in front of the camera, this course is for you.

There is only a little training on this topic because most of it is for on-camera work, so this could be what you’re looking for.

Matt Par is a hugely successful young YouTuber who has just released a brand new course teaching people how to follow in his footsteps.

Tube Mastery and Monetization is a step-by-step guide to starting, growing, and monetizing a YouTube channel. 

Tube Mastery and Monetization:

Tube Mastery Monetization includes a comprehensive introduction that explains the course’s main goal and how it works.

You also get full access to a private Facebook group, which is cool; it’s a nice touch because it allows you to communicate with other people taking the course and get their tips and tricks.

How Does Tube Mastery and Monetization Work?

The main idea behind Tube Mastery and Monetization is to show you how to pick a specific niche, create content, and properly upload it to YouTube to gain rankings and traffic.

Once you have rankings and traffic, you can monetize your channel using ads, affiliate marketing, and other methods. In that vein, this is also covered in the course.

In short, Matt has had a lot of success with this simple formula for making money on YouTube.

You also want to learn from someone who has a lot of experience.

There are ten modules, including the core training of Tube Mastery and Monetization 3.0 and a bonus module.

The training is delivered over the shoulder and is simple to follow and comprehend.

It’s hosted on Kajabi, a well-known training platform.

Tube Mastery and Monetization Overview:

Module 1:

Overview of the Blueprint

During the first training module, you’ll meet Matt and learn about his YouTube success.

He’ll also show you around the member’s area and guide you through the course. Tube Mastery and Monetization are divided into three stages, according to him:

  • Choosing a niche and creating content
  • 33 videos have been uploaded
  • Work is being outsourced.

So, in this training module, you’ll get a high-level overview of the blueprint and a basic understanding of what and how you’ll achieve success with Matt Par.

Module 2:

Overview of This Method

Matt gives you a bird’s-eye view of the YouTube business model in this three-part video series.

It all starts with picking a niche, creating content, uploading and optimizing videos, monetizing and making money, and finally, analyzing and optimizing.

Matt’s 30,000-foot view of the YouTube Business model further breaks down these five steps.

Matt also demonstrates how to use keyword research to plan your content.

He also has the 33 Video rule, which states that you must create a list of 33 video ideas. He referred to this as your YouTube Channel’s “beta phase.”

This is done to collect data on your videos. He claims that it takes an average of 33 videos for one to gain traction.

While this may appear to be a lot, his process makes it possible for anyone to do it. The final step is scaling, in which you will learn how to grow your YouTube channel based on the data you have collected.

Module 3:

Find Niche

This Module is crucial because it reveals which niche people should pursue by asking them to identify what they are passionate about.

However, more than being passionate is needed to ensure success. There are some other equally important factors to consider.

The niche and keyword determine the amount you earn.

This is where Matt Par enters the picture. This Module will teach you:

  • Niche markets with high CPMs
  • How to Pick a Niche
  • Market investigation

But that isn’t all.

He’s a legend because he’s already discovered 100+ profitable niches, so you don’t have to spend days looking for one.

Module 4:

Setting Your Channel up for Success

Setting up your channel entails more than simply opening one and entering your name and contact information. That is also covered.

But the main point of this Tube Mastery and Monetization module is to show you how to plan your content and apply Matt’s 33 rules.

In addition, he will introduce an SEO tool that you will use to find long-tail keywords and plan your content accordingly.

The following are the main points from this Module:

  • How to Apply the 33 Rule
  • The Most Effective YouTube Tool Ever Created
  • Planning Your Content Strategy Using My Secret SEO Keyword Process

Module 5:

Generating Videos

This 15-video module focuses on creating content for your channel.

He explains his strategy for Niche channels as well as Personal Brand Channels. A personal brand channel is where you would go on camera, so if this is something you are comfortable with, Matt also teaches it.

To create content, you must first have a video idea, write a script, record a voice-over, edit it, and then create thumbnails. After that, you upload the content, optimize it, and publish it.

Module 6:

Uploading Videos

This Module should be called the Content Creation phase or something similar because this is where you learn how to create your videos properly.

Matt demonstrates how to:

  • Organize your videos
  • Where to look for free content
  • How can I make a free video editing program?
  • Make thumbnails with a high click-through rate.

Following these steps, your video will be ready to upload and watched by YouTube users.

Module 7:

Growth Module

The growth module focuses on expanding your YouTube channel. This Module contains nine lessons.

You will learn the following:

  • Understanding the YouTube Analytics and Algorithm: The more videos you upload and the longer your channel is active, the more data you will have. This information is stored in YouTube analytics. This information will provide you with all the information you require to run a successful YouTube channel.
  • How to Make a Video Go Viral on YouTube: This begins with uploading your 33 videos, checking your analytics, knowing what to look for, learning what matters most, and documenting this information.
  • When is the best time of day to upload? (yes, there is an advantage to this)
  • What tools should you use to optimize your channel and videos?
  • How to Run a Split Test on Thumbnails to Increase CTR
  • How to Avoid Errors
  • How to Ensure the Safety of Your Thumbnails
  • Card strategy for advanced players: How to get the most number of views possible

There are many things here that the average YouTuber does not have.

Module 8:

Monetization Module

There are several ways to monetize your YouTube channel, and Matt explains how to make more money than most YouTubers in this Module.

  • This Module’s main topics are:
  • How Can You Earn More Than Most YouTubers?
  • The Various Methods of Monetizing Your Channel
  • YouTube is my favorite way to make money.
  • He also discusses how you can monetize your channel, including his favorite.

Module 9:

Scaling and Outsourcing

When your channel becomes profitable, it is time to outsource the work. Of course, this is an option, but analyzing your data and even considering starting another channel will be far more productive than making your own YouTube videos.

This is how you can make money on YouTube without uploading any videos.

You can hire someone to work while you relax and collect your earnings. You must manage your business, but that is the easy part!

Matt demonstrates in this 9-lesson Module:

  • Where can I find qualified candidates?
  • Making a Content Assembly Line (creating a tonne of content with ease)
  • How to Outsource the Creation of Thumbnails?
  • What will the expenses be
  • How should you manage your team?

Module 10:

Bonus Module

While many course creators include some cheesy bonuses, Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization 3.0 include some really good bonuses.

This is what you get:

  • A Google Doc with over 20 links to items that will assist you with your YouTube business. A step-by-step checklist (which I found extremely useful when setting up my channel), 33 video ideas templates, video script templates, a list of stock footage, fair use checklist, recommended software and tools, and much, much more are among these.
  • Taxes and Business – How Matt Structures His Business


If you tried other business models, such as drop shipping, Amazon FBA, or affiliate marketing, and failed, it’s possible that it wasn’t your fault.

It wasn’t the right fit for you. If the idea of having a YouTube channel appeals to you, but you are too shy to go on camera, Tube Mastery and Monetization may be the answer.

There’s a lot of free information online about starting a YouTube channel, but not much about “faceless channels.”

If you want to do this correctly, you should get this course. If you do it incorrectly, you will become discouraged and give up.

With Matt’s strategies, you’ll see some small wins at first, which could lead to some big wins and a successful YouTube channel that earns a lot of money from ad revenue, affiliate marketing, and even merch if it’s relevant to your niche.

You have nothing to lose with his money-back guarantee.

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