WP Engine Review – Best WordPress Hosting

You may want managed WordPress hosting if your site has grown too big for your current hosting plan.

Most of the time, this type of hosting gives sites fast load times and good performance.

WP Engine is one of the most well-known companies that offer managed hosting. It works with personal websites, small businesses, and companies like Asana, Rogers, and Telus.

Several WordPress site owners use WP Engine to host their personal, business, and enterprise-wide websites.

Does it make sense to spend more on managed hosting?

This review will look closely at their hosting services, including their security, code updates, staging environments, and customer support.

What Is Wp Engine?

WP Engine only offers shared and dedicated hosting for WordPress sites.

You should look elsewhere if you want to be shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting that is more traditional. Our roundups of reviews are a great place to start.  

WP Engine is a managed hosting environment for WordPress installations, themes, and plug-ins. In fact, unlike most other web hosts, you don’t need to install WordPress.

The content management system is already there. It was nice to open our welcome email, see our login information, and start immediately without any more setup.

WP Engine works the same way as any other self-hosted WordPress installation in making content.

Making posts, pages, and galleries is a breeze.

With the Managed Hosting Plus plan and higher, WP Engine also automates many tasks, such as updating plug-ins and making daily backups of your site.

It also has its Evercache technology, which makes pages load quickly by combining caching and proxy servers.  

WP Engine doesn’t offer email, and it doesn’t register domain names either.

For email, you must sign up with a third-party company and register a domain name with NameCheap or another company specializing in this. 

Wp Engine Features:

E-Commerce and Email Marketing 

WP Engine has an eCommerce Hosting tier, with prices ranging from $36 to $350 per month.

With eCommerce plans, you can create a store with just one click.

You also get optimized store themes, a WooCommerce template, and automatic updates for your plug-ins. Instant Store Search, a helpful search tool plug-in powered by ElasticPress, is also included in the Professional, Growth, and Scale plans.

WP Engine is a web host focusing on WordPress, so you should use the vast CMS plug-in library to find e-commerce tools. Plug-ins from Shopify, WooCommerce, and other companies can be helpful.

There are also many tools for email marketing. Many companies, like Drip, DirectIQ, and Mailflow, sell plug-ins for WordPress that let you use your customers’ email addresses to make money.  

Companies that help you with eCommerce and email marketing usually charge a small fee for their services. One example is Shopify, which starts at $9 per month.

WP Engine’s Security Features 

You will need a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate to sell things on your website.

It protects the information that customers send from their computers to your site’s servers. Luckily, WP Engine gives you one free of charge as part of your hosting plan.

Some web hosts make you pay for an SSL certificate, so we give WP Engine props for giving one away for free.

WP Engine also checks for malware daily and has a firewall that is updated daily to stop the most recent threats.

The web host also offers real-time threat detection, enterprise-grade firewalls, and free hacking cleanup by security experts trained in WordPress. 

Excellent Uptime  

One of the most important things about a hosting service is how long a website is up.

Clients or customers will only be able to find you or use your products or services while your site is down, and they might not return.

We care a lot about the uptime of our web host. For this test, we used a website monitoring tool to keep track of the uptime of our test site, which WP Engine hosted.

The device pings our website every 15 minutes and sends an alert if it can’t reach the site for more than a minute. We look at the data from the last 14 days for each site’s review. In our most recent tests, WP Engine showed how stable it is.

During the two weeks of testing, WP Engine did not go down even once.

You can count on it to give you rock-solid web hosting if it keeps going in this direction. 

Customer Service 

During testing, we called WP Engine’s support team several times, both in the morning and middle of the day, to see how well it worked.

We called to find out how to install new WordPress themes, and then we used the web chat to talk to a representative who could explain SSL certificates.

After short wait times, the team answered both questions correctly and quickly, as well as a few other questions.

Since we last looked at WP Engine, they have improved their customer service by enabling all clients to get help by phone or chat 24/7. This is much better than the tiered phone support that was available before.

Only Growth and Scale customers had phone support 24/7, while Startups could only call between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. (CST). WP Engine has a good money-back guarantee that lasts for 60 days.

What You Get with WP Engine 

Before starting our review, we want to clarify that when you buy hosting from WP Engine, you get a plan that is only for WordPress.

Unlike most web hosting plans, which include a domain name, email accounts, etc., WP Engine only offers WordPress hosting.

This makes them perfect for WordPress sites that already exist and need a fully managed hosting solution with expert support or for site owners who need an enterprise WordPress hosting plan.

You can still use WP Engine for your first site, though. But make sure you can get to your domain and email from somewhere else.

Free StudioPress Themes 

Since WP Engine bought StudioPress, one of the best things about their managed WordPress hosting plans is that they come with free StudioPress themes built on the Genesis Framework.

StudioPress themes are some of the best WordPress themes in terms of how well they are coded.

The best part is that you can still use the themes even if you move your website to a different host later.

WP Engine Dashboard Interface 

Even though WP Engine’s control panel is more text-based, it is straightforward to understand and use.

The menu options on the far left let you access your account functions, while the menu options in the next column let you access functions specific to the website.  

The Redirect Rules menu is beneficial because it lets you set domain redirects without changing your access file.

You can also use the top menu links to phpMyAdmin and your WordPress Admin area.

WP Engine Backup and Restore 

The backup and restore features of WP Engine get high marks. Your site’s database and content folder are backed up automatically every day.

Also, the Backup Points feature lets you set a new backup point by hand, which you should do before making changes to your site.

You can also download your backups as zip files to keep for yourself. You can quickly get your data back by clicking the Restore button after choosing the right backup point.

Depending on your website’s size, the process could take a few minutes to several hours.

Development and Staging of Your Site 

One of the best things about WP Engine was already website staging.

But they have simplified the process and made it easier to use now. Click the Add Staging link in your Production menu to set up your staging environment and copy your live site.

Depending on your website’s size, the staging area could take some time to make. In my case, the process took little time.

When your staging area is ready, you can access it by clicking on the link.

When ready to move your changes to production, you must click the Copy Environment button in your Staging environment. The process goes quickly and satisfactorily.

All the changes we made in the staging area were moved to the production area without any problems.

Worthy WordPress Hosting 

WP Engine offers valuable and powerful WordPress hosting options, easy-to-reach and helpful customer service, reliable uptime, flexible plans, and a robust cloud-based platform.

WP Engine is an excellent web hosting service that you should look into if you have a severe WordPress project that you need to host.

WP Engine has everything you need for WordPress, as long as you don’t mind getting your domain name and email from a third party.

A2 is our other top choice for WordPress hosting if you want low-cost, non-enterprise-level hosting that comes with email and domain names.

Wp Engine Cost?

WPEngine’s services cost more than shared hosting solutions and some managed WordPress solutions.

But because we’ve seen for ourselves how much better WPEngine is than other hosting options, we have a lot of faith in the product and its ability to handle a lot of traffic (we’ve had 6 million or more page views per month, but the rep told us they could take 100 million or more).

The Personal plan starts at $29 per month, the Professional plan costs $99 per month, the Business plan costs $249 per month, and the Enterprise plan depends on your site and how much traffic it gets each month.

If you don’t care about your site, it’s a lot of money, but if this is your business, it’s a small price to pay for all the features and peace of mind you get.


Most people agree that WP Engine is one of the best WordPress hosting services. It comes up a lot, and with good reason.

WP Engine is probably not the right choice if you only care about saving money and want the minimum for hosting.

WP Engine is a good choice for your business if you want a hosting service with a little more security, support, speed, and scalability. 

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