Writerzen Review – Is It Worth The $41 A Month?

In this digital age, content creation is a hot business in which almost every digital marketer is dabbling.

There are numerous SEO tools on the market that assist marketers in ranking their content on search engines.

But which is right for you?

Let us investigate.

Hello everyone; we’re here today to help you with your content creation task.

Are you a marketer working on a content campaign for a new product or service?

You may be a freelance content creator putting together your next affiliate campaign.

Either way, you want your article to rank high on search engines and social media.

Your content will only rank high if you write about topics that prospects are interested in. And if you use the right keywords and key phrases that prospective customers type into the search box, you will be able to attract them. But here’s the catch.

Finding the right topic and keywords takes time and effort.

Writing about topics your prospects need to be more interested in and optimizing your content for the right keywords can be extremely detrimental to your content creation and marketing efforts.

This is where a tool like WriterZen can come in handy. 

What is WriterZen?

WriterZen is a pioneer toolset that combines all forms of content research into a single platform to solve the most pressing creative problems.

WriterZen is your one-stop shop for all of your content requirements. It gathers the best resources from across the web and presents them to you in a single, fluid interface that only takes a few minutes to learn.

There are numerous Ai Copywriting Software options on the market, but WriterZen stands out. WriterZen was founded on the premise that all content creation is enhanced when it occurs within a community.

It has an elegant interface, but its true beauty is facilitating collaboration by allowing multiple people to work on articles simultaneously.

WriterZen makes it simple for anyone – marketers, designers, programmers, writers, consultants – to collaborate and create beautiful results.

What’s the best part?

You can use WriterZen’s resources without spending hundreds of dollars on software or hiring top-tier talent. Spend your time doing what you do best: producing excellent content. WiterZen believes that “write” only refers to putting words on paper; good writing necessitates thorough research.

WriterZen encourages you to conduct research before writing, and it makes both processes easier than ever.

How to use WriterZen?

WriterZen also provides a 7-day risk-free trial in which you can access all of the tool’s features without providing your credit card information.

To get this free trial, follow the steps below.

Step #1: You can go to WriterZen’s official website. You’ll see a “Get it Now” button on the homepage; click it to begin the registration process.

Step #2: You must create a new WriterZen account. You have the option of creating the account directly through Google or manually. To manually create an account, enter your name, birthdate, phone number, email address, and password and confirm the password. When you’re finished, click the “Submit” button.

Step #3: They will send you a verification email to your provided address. Go to your email, open the WriterZen email, and click the “Verify” button.

Step #4: To complete your account setup, you must answer a few questions. These are the questions: “Which level best suits you,” “Main Job Title,” “Team Scale,” “How did you hear about WriterZen,” and “What are your expectations from WriterZen.”

After you have completed all of the preceding steps, your 7-day free trial on WriterZen will begin.

You can now test out all of the features of this tool before purchasing it.

WriterZen Features:

WriterZen has a plethora of features that all help to reduce content creation efforts and errors.

These characteristics are as follows:

Keyword Explorer

This tool’s Keyword Explorer feature is fantastic because it allows you to conduct keyword research in seconds.

Top SEO experts believe you can only harm your website’s rankings with proper keyword research. That is why it is critical to understand which keywords will work best for you, and Keyword Explorer can assist you with this.

It provides a large number of keywords to work with. To obtain more in-depth insights and clusters, enable the “Check Allintitle” and “Clustering Keywords” features.

Each suggested keyword is accompanied by metrics that provide helpful information based on the most recent data. To use this tool, enter a keyword in the search box and choose a country and language.

After entering all of these details, click the “Search” button. It will display the global search volume for that keyword and the top-ranking pages for that keyword.

You can also see the CPC (Cost Per Click), keyword ideas, total search volume, and a search volume overview chart.

Topic Discovery

Choosing the next topic for your article/blog takes time, and doing all the manual research can take up much of your valuable time.

The Topic Discovery feature can save a lot of time on manual research by providing you with topic ideas for relevant keywords in just a few minutes.

To use this tool, type a keyword into the search box, and it will search the top 100 URLs for all relevant keywords. Topic Discovery allows you to find topics for your posts.

It displays various clusters with numerous headlines to consider. You can select any based on relevance. It also suggests Google insights for questions, prepositions, and comparisons.

The choice is entirely up to you. You can select a topic that is relevant to your audience and has a high search volume.

Any headline can be easily added to your existing or new keyword list.

Keyword Data

When you conduct keyword research on Keyword Explorer, you will see Keyword data on all the keyword ideas.

It displays a complete keyword list, trend chart, volume, CPC, word count, and PPC competition. You can see the keyword difficulty, search volume, and overview SERPs by clicking any of the keywords.

You must understand that ranking for keywords with low keyword difficulty is simple. If you select a keyword with a high KD, you will need help to rank your content on the first page of search engines.

In the keyword data section, numerous filters are available to see the specific result. Keyword data is divided into four categories: total, phrase match, having the same terms, and search for.

Informative guides

Another great feature of WriterZen is the guidance it offers.

When you click on the feature of your choice, you will be presented with one of two options: “Guide Tour” or “Tips.” When you click on it, the guidance feature will launch, with prompts describing each tool on the page.

You can switch between prompts by clicking the “Back” or “Next” button. The guides are always available for viewing at the bottom of the page.

This assistance is available at all times, and you can quickly learn how to use the features that are difficult for you.

All in Title

This is one of the Keyword Explorer tool’s best features.

You can use this feature to see how many top-ranking websites use the exact keyword in their title.

This feature also includes a keyword golden ratio (KGR) filter. It is a ratio of the total search volume to All in the Title.

This filter can be used to sort out more keywords. If the KGR of a keyword is low, you have a good chance of ranking for that keyword. The average KGR is 25; if it is less than that for a keyword, you are good to go. With fewer All In Title numbers, you can plan the content for keywords.

This method will only sometimes produce the desired results, so you must experiment to see if it works.

Plagiarism Checker

This tool is a valuable resource for all content writers out there. You can check all of the content you create for plagiarism.

The plagiarism checker is adequate, but it needs to meet expectations. For example, if you wrote an article that contained some plagiarism. It will appear on this tool, and you will be able to see the exact words you copied from other articles.

The plagiarism will vanish if you make a few word changes.

As a result, it could be a better plagiarism checker tool.

AI Assistant

Writerzen’s newly introduced AI assistant feature allows you to create realistic content with the assistance of AI.

You can enable the AI Playground and use various templates to generate content by enabling AI assistant in the content creator wizard.

You can also use the auto-write template to extend the content length of the existing copy.

WriterZen Pricing:

There are three types of pricing options available on WriterZen, and they are:

  1. Basic Plan: The plan costs $39 per month or $27 per year. This plan is ideal for freelance content writers who only work on one project at a time. This plan includes all of WriterZen’s features.
  2. Standard Plan: The standard plan costs $59 per month or $41 per year. This strategy works best for small teams working on multiple projects. This plan includes more credits than the standard plan.
  3. Advanced Plan: The advanced plan costs $99 per month or $69 per year. This strategy is ideal for large marketing firms and agencies. This plan includes more credits than the basic plan.

WriterZen Pros and Cons:


  • AI Assistant to use GPT-3 Content Writing
  • Awesome Plagiarism Checker
  • SEO Guidelines to Optimize the Content
  • Outrank the Competitors
  • The pricing is more affordable than most AI writing tools


  • When checking for plagiarism in your content, you will get average results compared to other plagiarism checker tools.


So, this is our unbiased WriterZen review, and the only question now is:

Is this tool right for you?

This is a good option if you’re looking for a low-cost SEO tool to help you with keyword research and content creation.

We hope you now understand WriterZen’s incredible work and features better.

For keyword research, the platform is an excellent choice for beginners. KGR ratio, All-in-title, and Keyword Clusters are all inexpensive features.

In addition to all of these features, there is an integrated plagiarism checker.

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