WriterZen Review – Best Keyword Research Tool

Are you a marketer working on a content campaign for a new product or service?

You may be a freelance content creator putting together your next affiliate campaign.

Either way, you want your article to rank high on search engines and social media. Your content will only rank high if you write about topics that prospects are interested in.

And if you use the right keywords and key phrases that prospective customers type into the search box, you will be able to attract them. But here’s the catch.

Finding the right topic and keywords takes time and effort.

Writing about topics your prospects need to be more interested in and optimizing your content for the right keywords can significantly benefit your content creation and marketing efforts.

What is Writerzen?

WriterZen is a pioneer toolset that combines all forms of content research into a single platform to solve the most pressing creative problems.

WriterZen is your one-stop shop for all of your content requirements. It gathers the best resources from across the web and presents them to you in a single, fluid interface that only takes a few minutes to learn.

There are numerous Ai Copywriting Software options on the market, but WriterZen stands out. WriterZen was founded on the premise that all content creation is enhanced when it occurs within a community.

It has an elegant interface, but its beauty lies in facilitating collaboration by allowing multiple people to work on articles simultaneously.

WriterZen makes it simple for anyone – marketers, designers, programmers, writers, consultants – to collaborate and create beautiful results.

How Does Writerzen Work?

To use this tool, you must first sign up for an account on WriterZen.

The features assist you in reducing errors in content preparation.

WriterZen is an all-in-one SEO tool that includes features such as topic research, keyword research, and content creation to assist you in writing better content that ranks higher in search engines.

The dashboard is clean, simple, and easy to use once you’ve logged into your WriterZen account. The main tools are easily accessible and placed in the centre of the screen with appealing buttons.

Topic Discovery, Content Creator, and Keyword Explorer are the three.

All the tools are located in the left sidebar of the interface and can be easily hidden.

On the top side of the screen, there is a keyword list from which you can access your selected or grouped keywords.

The notification centre provides complete information about the new WriterZen software update information.

Who Is WriterZen For?

WriterZen is an indispensable tool for:

  • Content marketers
  • Bloggers
  • SEO agencies
  • Writers
  • Content creators
  • Anyone creating and publishing content online

WriterZen Features?

WriterZen has a plethora of features that all help to reduce content creation efforts and errors.

These characteristics are as follows:

Keyword Explorer:

Keyword Explorer, one of the standout features of WriterZen, is a must-have. Using intuition without conducting research can harm your SEO ranking.

You need to know which keywords help you rank higher, which is where Keyword Explorer comes in.

Keyword Explorer provides you with a large number of keywords as well as numerous filters to sort them according to your preferences. You can begin your keyword search by using the country and language filters.

You get various statistics and insights for all the keywords after searching with a specific keyword. SERP Overview (search engine results page), Total Search Volume, CPC (cost-per-click), and Keyword Ideas are among them.

You also have a graph/chart for monthly search volume and Google Trends data. This information indicates when the keyword trends with search volume.

Topic Discovery

Choosing a topic for your blog/article can take some time. And researching your new idea can be time-consuming and labour-intensive.

Topic Discovery can help you with relevant keywords and topics for your new article in minutes. When you enter a keyword, its algorithm searches the top 100 URLs for all keywords that are related to that keyword. It investigates how users react to subtopics and which topics are trending.

This assists you with keywords that are popular and are used by the majority of websites. Furthermore, as users search for these keywords, they receive keywords that they could never guess.

You will receive unique keyword ideas with high search volume. You can order the keywords by search volume/relevancy or sort the search by relevancy (closely, mediumly, or widely).

You can have the keywords displayed as a mind map if you prefer. Headlines To Consider and Google Suggests Insight can be used to conduct additional research.

These features provide headings used in other articles, new topic ideas, questions, prepositions, and comparison ideas based on the keyword.

Content Creator

Aside from Topic Discovery and Keyword Explorer, another essential feature of WriterZen is the Content Creator.

This feature is fantastic for having a clear, well-defined, and efficient content creation process. You can develop optimized content by combining your topic search and keyword research. You’ll be asked to name and create a project.

When your project is complete, you will be directed to the content outline page, where you will create the skeletal structure. The Google NLP is one of the best elements right away. Natural language processing has been integrated into WriterZen’s platform.

This enables you to create content tailored to specific search intents and optimized to appear near the top of search results. This will undoubtedly increase traffic to your website.

The content creator includes an outline template with sections for writing various parts of your content—title, post description, body, conclusion, and so on.

The content creator allows you to copy and paste the website of your nearest competitor onto the platform. The creator will compare your content to that of your competitors as you create it.

It will then provide suggestions and advice on improving your work’s quality. For example, if your word count is lower than that of your competitors, it will notify you so that you can correct it. Alternatively, if your headline needs to be sufficiently optimized, it will prompt you to include your primary keyword.

Plagiarism Checker

The plagiarism checker is used to ensure that your content is original. It’s a primary content creation tool that allows you to edit and organize the text bodies you’ve created.

It should run your content search against a large amount of available data to see how much your search results overlap with existing data. The plagiarism checker tool is a bonus to WriterZen.

Keyword Clusters

Another distinguishing feature of WriterZen is because keywords come in so many variations, searching through the entire list of keywords suggested by the Keyword Explorer can be difficult and time-consuming.

If you want to find a specific type of keyword, use the Keywords Cluster tool.

Look for the cluster that comes closest to meeting your needs.

WriterZen Pricing:

Basic Plan:

This plan is ideal for single users working on a single project. With few follow-up features, The pricing begins at $39 per month (monthly) and $27 per month (annually with a 30% discount).

Standard Plan:

This is the most popular strategy and is appropriate for small teams working on multiple projects. Pricing begins at $59 per month (monthly) and $41 per month (with a 30% discount on an annual basis).

Advanced Plan:

This final plan is appropriate for agencies or small digital businesses with a complex project structure. Pricing begins at $99 per month (monthly) and $69 per month (with a 30% discount on an annual basis).

On-time credits

WriterZen also offers one-time credit top-ups. This tool also provides a budget-friendly product that allows you to complete tasks without going overboard on spending. There are two versions available:

1- Keyword Recognition
2- NLP Points

WriterZen Pros and Cons:


  • For beginners, the interface is simple to use.
  • This tool will help you create high-quality content and blog posts that target the right keywords and audiences.
  • It suggests words, topics, and images improve your article’s quality.
  • You can also schedule future posts to go live when you are ready.


  • The platform’s tool front end is only available in English.
  • Every plan has some limitations, and none of them has unlimited features.


You can easily create engaging and unique content with WriterZen’s assistance.

You don’t have to worry about creating complicated designs or fussing over settings because its features cater to novice and experienced users with its simple interface and straightforward options!

The tool also allows you to list keywords that will drive the most traffic to your blog posts/pages based on Google’s ranking algorithm, so all you have to do now is research those topics before writing anything down on paper.

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