Writesonic Review – Most Powerful Ai Writer?

If you own a website, you understand the value of having a lot of great content to attract visitors.

You also understand what it takes to create that content. You can either spend a significant amount of your valuable work time writing content or outsource it.

Hiring other writers can be costly, and you can only sometimes expect the quality you expect.

AI has advanced sufficiently in recent years to produce content.

Writersonic is a company that uses artificial intelligence to assist its customers in creating high-quality, SEO-driven content. But just how good is Writersonic?

Is it the right fit for you?

Hello to everyone. Today, we’ll show you an incredible tool that will change how you create content. Writersonic is an AI-powered content creation tool that can help you create anything from blog posts to marketing copy.

It’s like having a copywriter on hand all the time.

It can generate articles for Google and Facebook ads and blog posts.

It gives users several areas to choose from before beginning to generate content.

It also aids in creating headlines and the generation of new and innovative topics on which to focus when creating content on Writersonic.

According to its value proposition, Writersonic can generate landing pages, product descriptions, detailed advertisements, and even entire articles or blog posts from a few lines of text, keywords, or a target phrase.

It claims to have high readability and accuracy scores. 

What Is Writersonic?

Writersonic is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing assistant for creating content such as blog posts and articles.

It generates copy for any given topic in under 15 seconds.

Writersonic creates valuable, SEO-powered content by combining AI and human ingenuity. AI strives to create engaging content that does not appear to have been written by AI.

It also makes it easier to get the content you need in a shorter period for a fraction of the cost of hiring writers.

Writersonic is a marketing-biased platform, but it provides you with various options regarding its expanded area of expertise in creating articles from simple keywords, phrases, or short descriptions about the product or topic you want to create content.

It is ideal for business-related content, start-up marketing, e-commerce, and agencies.

How Does Writersonic Work?

The Writersonic experience will differ slightly depending on the type of content you want to create, but the overall structure will remain consistent.

You will provide the program with a topic, keywords, and the language you desire. It will then present you with up to five options.

Writersonic is based on the GPT-2 API from OpenAI. Given a topic or a few lines of text, it can use the internet to make logical predictions and generate relevant content.

Essentially, the program will scan the top-ranking sites for a specific topic and use that information to create original content that follows the same patterns.

Writersonic can also help you expand on the content you’ve already written.

It can provide you with blog post ideas for a specific topic or niche.

Writersonic Features:

You’ll find quite a few helpful features with Writersonic.

AI Article and Blog Writer

The main feature of Writersonic is its AI writer.

It enables you to create long-form content (1500 words or more) in four simple steps.

Starting with a topic, the AI will generate several title/article ideas for you to choose from.

Following the title selection, you will be presented with several introduction options. Following that, you’ll be given outline options.

The program will generate your content after you have selected a title, introduction, and outline.

You can make changes anytime, allowing you to personalize your post. Edits will affect the results of the subsequent steps.

Data Accuracy

With Writersonic, you can quickly type in the details and phrases for the articles you want to work on, and it will provide you with accurately on-point descriptive articles and blogs to write and work on.

Unlike writing content that requires you to go through and research before compiling it, which is excruciatingly time-consuming, Writersonic will present you with accurate data and topics to which you can make changes and adjustments as needed.

Identify Keyword

Find the appropriate Keyword to generate the desired article, which will generate ten topics for you to focus on.

Of course, you can change it to your liking, but the app’s accuracy will most likely select the best topics and headlines for you to follow.

Then, with the details entered, it will take up to 30 seconds to generate the relevant subtopics and the desired article.

Landing Pages

Landing pages can be time-consuming and labour-intensive.

Writersonic includes a landing page feature to assist you in creating content that converts.

It doesn’t require much from you, just the name of your product, a description, and benefits.

Writersonic will then present you with several options from which to choose.

Changes can be made as needed. Writersonic can also assist you in converting features into benefits, adhering to an AIDA framework, and formatting pain-agitate solutions.

Categories of Content Creation

Unlike other sites that focus on one or two niches, Writersonic covers a wide range of topics such as Digital Ads, Writing Tools, Social Media Copy, etc.

Additionally, it offers you a variety of other categories to work on, some of which require credits or membership.

Credits are simple to obtain by writing a review source and a review experience on verified reviewer sources.

These write sonic reviews assist you in gaining credits that you can use to create content.

Writing Ideas

You may want to write your content, but coming up with topic ideas, titles, outlines, and so on can take significant time.

Writersonic has several features that help you organize your thoughts to finish your writing faster. A blog ideas feature provides you with many potential blog topics and titles based on your niche.

Instead of spending hours researching and analyzing the competition, an outline generator allows you to generate an outline quickly.

A listicle ideas feature provides you with even more post ideas.


With Writersonic, you can advertise and monetize your articles through Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, Facebook, and a variety of other sites that help you reach a large audience who may be interested in your work, and thus, with a variety of ads that your articles attract, you can easily start monetizing your work.

User Interface

Compared to other AI Copywriting apps, the user interface of Writersonic is far superior.

You can create your own article on this platform with simple steps and an easy-to-use interface.

Writersonic allows you to organize your text generation step by step, making your job as a content creator easier.

Shareable Links

Writersonic provides shareable links for all your content on their platform.

This feature will be helpful if you need to generate content quickly while working in collaboration with others and need to show some content ideas to your clients.

Most other AI writing tools do not allow you to do so, but Writesonic makes it extremely simple.

They also come up with great and original ideas, which is a plus for Writesonic!

Writersonic Pricing:

Free Trial

With the free trial, you can choose between 6,250 words of good content and 2,500 words of premium content.

After that, you must upgrade to one of the paid plans.

You can test the AI article writer and several other features, such as the landing page generator and the Sonic editor (a word processor like Google Docs).


The monthly fee for the Short form plan is $15 ($10 if paid annually).

This plan is only for those who want short-form content such as ads, product descriptions, short paragraphs, etc.

Because you need access to the AI article writer, there are better choices for bloggers.

You will have access to the landing page creator. The following are the word counts:

  • Premium: 12,000 words
  • Good: 30,000 words
  • Average: 60,000 words
  • Economy: 90,000 words

If you need more words for any quality level, you can pay an extra $40 per month and get up to 337,500 words.


The Long-form plan costs $19 per month ($13 per year).

This plan is ideal for those who require long-form content such as blog posts. Everything in the short-form plan is included, as well as access to the AI article writer.

You’ll also get custom branding, priority support, and the ability to request custom features. The following are the word counts:

  • Premium: 15,000 words
  • Good: 37,500 words
  • Average: 75,000 words
  • Economy: 112,500

If you require more words for any quality level, you can purchase up to 12 million words per month for up to $999.

Writersonic Pros and Cons:


  • It is versatile enough to create blogs, articles, landing pages, titles, and other types of content.
  • Cost-effective for even daily use
  • Popular software with a large user base
  • Proactive customer service


  • The structure of a sentence can appear robotic.
  • Manual adjustment may be required at times.
  • With blog samples, the number of results returned can be overwhelming.


Writersonic can assist you if you are experiencing writer’s block or don’t know how to structure your blog posts or landing pages.

Even if you don’t create an entire blog or article post, this software can generate a variety of headings and show some general structure flows to give you a better idea of how to develop your voice.

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